Todays results. 4/29/2014
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    Apr 2014
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    Coin Roll Hunting

    Todays results. 4/29/2014

    Box 1 of cents: 12 wheats and 2 Bicentennial Canadians. (1967)

    Box 2 of cents: 11 wheats, and a 1957 Candian cent.

    28 rolls of MWR cents: 9 wheats and a King George Canadian cent. (1951) Oldest was a 1936 which I have to check for doubling. the 36' was in the same roll as the second oldest. (1938)

    5 rolls of teller rolled nickels: 3 generic "Pre 60'" and one full roll of MS-60 or higher grade 2004 keelboat nicks. This is the third roll in all my time picking up from the credit union thats at work (I work as a cashier at walmart) that was nearly brand new 2004 keelboat nickels. Though the last 2 were old MWR and this was a teller wrapped roll. Ive kept just one of these keelboat rolls and dumped the last and plan dumping this one too.

    8 rolls of MWR nickels: 3 "pre 60" including a 1939 no mint mark. And yes I checked for doubling.

    35 MWR of dimes. (Machine wrapped) One silver, 1952 D Roosevelt in VG condition.

    Register finds: Nothing.

    My main pick up bank orders on Tuesday and gets supplied wednesday, so my box of halves should be in when I make it over there. My money is all tied up in coins right now though, so i have to find a way to TD and dump. I dont drive so my trips to the bank are all reliant on my mothers cooperation. Thankfully mechanic savings is a 5 minute walk up the road so picking up isnt a problem, dumping is.

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    Some decent finds there. Both of those boxes of cents beat my all-time best box.

    Just an FYI: Generally speaking, the best way to get a bank to stop ordering boxes of coins - especially halves - for you (and possibly everyone else) is to be consistently late in picking them up. Unless you're 100% certain your mother will chauffeur your CRH activities every time without fail, I'd have to advise against ordering halves until you have iron-clad, guaranteed transportation. There is no sense in losing that order bank before you even really get started.
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    good finds! i may be hunting that area later this week, try to leave some for me!



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