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    Mar 2007
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    Need some advice

    I know free advice is worth what you pay for it.

    Anyway, I can get 1922-1925 Silver Dollars (plain) in MS-64 NGC certified slabs for $39 total for each if I buy at least 10. That seems like a pretty fair price. I am considering cashing in all my 40% to reduce the size of my collection.

    Wondering now much different NGC standards are compared to PCGS. Anyone ever tried cracking and regrading?

    Also, if silver continues to go up, I'm guessing these common dollars won't and eventually would be melt fodder.

    Any thoughts are welcome.

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    Apr 2007
    N.E. of Atlanta

    Re: Need some advice

    Hey Sheldon, Just figured I'd give you my 2cents worth, (and give you a bump). I personally would not do it. The price you are paying is about average for the dollars, and I would doubt you would ever see any rapid price appreciation like you could with the junk silver. They made plenty millions of those peace dollars, so.... I dunno.. If it were me, and I wanted to consolidate my silver, I would just take the $500.00 or so and invest it all in one MS64 or higher Morgan or Peace dollar. Something that has very low mintage. And remember, this advice was free!!! Gpurs..

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    May 2007

    Re: Need some advice

    I agree with what Gpurs said. NGC is one of the big 2 (the other is obviously PCGS) and, if they have been graded in the last few years, you're probably not going to get an upgrade by cracking them out and resubmitting.

    A nice combo of intrinsic silver value and rarity/scarcity is lower-grade keys and semi-keys IMHO. 1938-D Walkers for example in G-4, VG-8, F-12. The silver is part, but not a huge part, of their value. OTOH, if silver goes up dramatically, they should go up with it. And then you've always got the fact that there will always be somebody out there looking to fill that empty slot in their album.

    Both barrels, so to speak.




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