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    May 2007
    great lakes
    whites XLT-E- series

    35 miles

    went to a bank in the next county and got my dump from the previous week at a chain bank in the other county couldnt believe it when the teller brought the rolls to the counter and i saw my trademark on the wrapper i couldnt tell her i didnt want em i dont like to let them know what im up to

    so if you get some rolls that say franklins or 1954 or 1960 on them dont bother

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    Dec 2007
    northeast coast, usa

    Re: 35 miles

    yep, i know how that one feels. two weeks ago i am at a bank 20 mins north of here, and stop at one of my branch banks that i buy boxes from, well i forgot it was my dump bank 8 - 10 months ago when i first got started crhing. $200 worth of my own dumps, only bonus a benny and some 90/40's from the teller trays. happy hunting

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    Mar 2008
    4 times

    Re: 35 miles

    Nice try but if it has any date written on it older than 1970 there is no way i'm passing it up LOL.
    Besides I don't care if it says "dumped Rolls" or "don't search these rolls cause I allredy did" LOL
    Never pass up any coins it is our duty to search. Gotta be some kinda ethic/code for us?

    CRH Mojo "Thanks For buying American"



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