slick morgans
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    Jan 2009

    slick morgans

    oh wise ones please educate me.
    I recently bought a batch of low grade morgans at a good price.two of these coins are so worn out you can barley see the obverse portrait and the reverse is so smooth that there is no relief at dates.these now may be my favorite pocket pieces simply because of the unknown history of millions of people passing them around the country.
    I've heard that morgans were used in vegas in the slots,if so how many times would a coin have to pass thru a slot machine to wear away to nearly nothing?I wonder how many times they were won?and at what point would a merchant refuse to accept such a coin as payment simply because the AG content was light?
    how did these coins get SO worn down?
    also bought loose from the same coffee can of old change is an 1809 capped bust half with a tiny inscription across the worst part or the front that says "tom x hannah 1809". is it genuine?thecoin is I dont know about the declaration of love But its a dammed cool thing to have and think about.I paid $60 for this coin,probably not the best deal but oh well.

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    Re: slick morgans

    Here is the tale of 3 silver dollars that I own.

    The first one was the pocket piece owned by my grandfather. All that shows is the outline of liberty's head and eagle. None of the legends, motto or date is visible. I know that he carried it for years in his pocket.

    The second one was the pocket piece owned by my father. It is also a peace dollar and isn't nearly as worn as the first one but wouldn't grade any better than good.

    The third one was given to me by a coin dealer friend after I had shown her the other 2 silver dollars and related the story of how they were carried as pocket pieces by my grandfather and father. It is a common date Morgan that was in uncirculated condition and given to me with the stipulation that I use it as a pocket piece. I carried it for several years until it just got to be too much of a hassle going through airport security with it and I was afraid I would lose it. I haven't looked at it for a while as it along with the other 2 are in a bank vault, but I would estimate it grades no better than VG.



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