Perfect time, and perfect place today!!!
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Thread: Perfect time, and perfect place today!!!

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    Perfect time, and perfect place today!!!

    This morning to took Mom for groceries at Lowe's again.

    I get her going, and the first thing I do is hit the CoinStar - and there was nothing there. I even looked up under it.

    Mom's 92 and takes around 3 hours each trip for groceries - she get's lost in the shelves just looking at things. I'd have had everything on her list in 10 minutes and be gone. But, I give her the time = the right thing to do.

    So, I'll lingering around the magazine rack next to the Coinstar and this guy comes in with a big coffee can of coins to dump into the machine. To me it seemed like he took about 5 minutes dumping. I watched, and he didn't even look in the reject tray and left!

    You betcha I was hopeful on that one. Before I could make my move over a lady came in with a clear plastic bag filled with what looked like a gallon of pennies. Oh Boy!!!

    I watched, listened and was really stoked, I was going to score!!!

    After she left, I made my way over, stuck my hand in the reject tray, looked under the machine again and nothing.

    NOTHING for the day......

    Danged! Coinstars are a tough game!
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    Been there, done that, start searching the parking lot on the way to the car so I can take some kind of find home with me
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    Everytime I pass a CoinStar with an empty tray - I feel the same way DeepSeeker!
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    yep I found a silver dime once then a goose egg every other time
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    I circled around a store for about 10 minutes doing my best to appear nonchalant as this guy dumped several bags into the coinstar, I could hear things hitting the reject tray, he started to walk away...then he turned and stuck his hand in the reject tray and pocketed it all AARRRGGGGHHHH



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