Paypal and Ebay Hacking Scumbags!
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Thread: Paypal and Ebay Hacking Scumbags!

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    Paypal and Ebay Hacking Scumbags!

    I just need to vent about this.


    I am selling an Apple Macbook Pro on Ebay. A guy messages me wanting to know if I will ship it overseas (doesn't give address in message). I look at his info and see that he is listed as being from Australia. No problem I say. He messages me (through Ebay) saying that he was in Indonesia on holiday and wants me to send this as a BDay present to someone that is not him.

    NO PROBLEM, I tell him. Just make sure the correct address is on the Paypal Return Invoice.

    So, the money shows up in my Paypal Account. Only the name on the sender's Paypal Account is someone new (a third person)! Now I am REALLY suspicious. I Facebooked the name of the Ebay Buyer. It had his job listed. Called his business in Australia. REALLY nice guy. He had no idea what I was talking about. He hadn't used his Ebay Account in about a year. I told him to call Ebay and secure his account. About an hour later, I get ten messages/emails from Ebay telling me about how the auction had been canceled and my fees already refunded due to a hacked account.

    Part 1 DONE!

    I can't find any info on the Paypal Money Sender. I only have a name and address in Moe, Victoria, Australia. The Paypal email was the bad guy's. So, I call Paypal Seller Protection, explain the situation (about five times). They finally understand what happened. I gave them access to my Ebay Messages so they can get the bad guy's name, address, and phone# in Indonesia (if that's even worth anything). Then, the lady tells me that my Ebay and Paypal Accounts are FLAGGED! I am starting to get pissed, because I am the one that was Googling and making phone calls all around the world trying to cover my a$$, ......... and they flag MY ACCOUNT!?!?

    She had to explain a couple of times that my flag was a GOOD FLAG. HAHAHA I didn't know they had such a thing. She explained that because I had been a member in good standing and that I had gone out of my way to make sure everything with this fiasco got settled, I get the "special" phone que and special customer assistance.

    So now I have to just let that money sit in my account until the guy realizes that he was robbed. Then Paypal will contact me, and I will refund the money.

    Anybody wanna buy a nice 13.3" Macbook Pro upgraded to 8gb RAM and a 1 Terabyte HDD? HAHAHA

    But I will tell you that both Ebay and Paypal were quick to act (once they found out fraud had occurred). Say what you want about them, but I like what they do (except charge outrageous fees for my business). I say outrageous, but anybody that has ever sold anything through another REAL auction house pays anywhere from 10%-20% sellers premium, and buyers pay the same. Not crazy, but you have to figure all that in when you price your sale!

    Best - Mike
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    You went above and beyond.... well done !

    Hell, many Sellers wouldn't have even noticed, or would have been too apathetic to have pursued it

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    Nice piece of work, gollum. Ya done good!



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