Need an advice for gold prospecting in W Africa
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    May 2011
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    Need an advice for gold prospecting in W Africa

    Hi everybody
    My name is Idriss, from Burkina Faso (West Africa). I am new on this forum and fell like having lost many time and money before.
    Willing to have a go in prospecting i've ordered, five months ago an ACE 150 in Belgium for more than 330 euros!!!!! shipping included. And of course, still found no gold. Despite this nightmare, i've decided to go ahead and look for another detector . Could anyone tell me which VLF could suit to W african soils? I was thinking of a GB2, is that a good idea?

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    Re: Need an advice for gold prospecting in W Africa

    Hello Idriss, welcome to the Tnet forum.

    You should check in to the dedicated gold nugget detectors that the major manufactures make. Visit the prospecting section of the forum for advice. The gold detectors are fully adjustable for many soil types.,33.0.html These guys could help you more than us hobbists.
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    Re: Need an advice for gold prospecting in W Africa

    Idriss, the Garrett Ace 150 was designed to be a beginner's machine for searching for coins in the USA. Even though it's manufactured by a competitor, I can say it's a good machine in its category. However it's just about useless for gold prospecting, as are all other metal detectors in its price range.

    The Fisher GB2 that you asked about is an excellent machine for USA gold prospecting conditions. However the new Fisher Gold Bug with the visual display and the very similar Teknetics G2 are better suited to African gold prospecting conditions than is the GB2.

    The Teknetics T2 is already established as a popular gold prospecting machine in some parts of Africa. The less expensive new gold machines (GB/G2) are not yet well known in Africa. These are all high-performance machines with excellent ground balancing, designed with gold prospecting in mind. It's not possible to say between the Tek T2 and the GB/G2 which is better, because it all depends on what your local geological conditions are, and how you use the machine. Being in Burkino Faso, your choice might depend on what you can actually get from whom, rather than on differences between the products.

    Before spending more money on a metal detector for gold prospecting, I recommend first reading the book "Gold Prospecting With a VLF Metal Detector". It'll not only help guide you in purchasing a metal detector, it provides a lot of valuable information on how to go gold prospecting with a metal detector. Although written primarily for USA conditions, there's a lot of information there that's valuable no matter where in the world you happen to be gold prospecting. The book is online on both the Teknetics and the Fisher websites.

    --Dave Johnson
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