Help in Central Fl. Please
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    Sep 2007
    Mount Dora, FL
    Explorer SE

    Help in Central Fl. Please

    Hi everyone,
    I'm a newbie and have a Explorer SE I just got back from Iraq for my 3 week R&R. I thought I could go out and just did finds but I'm having alot of trouble learning the SE and Sunray probe the right way.
    Anyone want some company this week only have Monday through Wed. and then again next week. I would really appreciate some help.
    I live in Mount Dora.
    Thanks for lokking.

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    Re: Help in Central Fl. Please

    Welcome home! and thanks for your service.


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    Re: Help in Central Fl. Please


    I wish I could help you, but I have no experience with the Explorer, I have the Sov and Excal. I live in NW Orlando, but can't really hunt this week as I am on call.

    You are welcome to give me a call if you ever want to hunt together though. I sent you my cell via PM.

    Thanks for service to our Country.

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    Sep 2007
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    Re: Help in Central Fl. Please

    Hey Tom,

    I have no experience with the Explorer either but I would suggest that you go to the forum for that detector. I do remember seeing some discussion somewhere about the optimal settings for beach hunting, etc for that machine.

    As far as hunting goes, I would head to the west coast if you can and hit Clearwater or St. Pete Beach if you are after jewelry and coins. The Clearwater Beach is huge as you probably know and I believe you would do good there. I did a night hunt there last week. There was plenty of light from the Hotels, etc.

    Check the low tide schedule and try to hit the beach near the water but not in the water during low tide. Try to start as far north as you can on the beach and work your way south. When you get as far as you can stand to go, turn and work the shoreline again, just out of reach of the waves. This will insure that you don't cover the same path since the tide will be changing as you walk. Your return trip up the beach will be on a different plane than your initial trip due to the rising or lowering tide.

    There are miles of beach there and I was the only one with a detector there last weekend.

    Hope this has been a little help. Also from an old veteran, keep your head down and good luck on your return trip.

    An undisciplined hunter with a highly capable machine will miss many more targets than a disciplined hunter with a limited machine.



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