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Thread: Metal Scrapping (not precious)

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    Feb 2015
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    Money is good in scrap here in Oklahoma but I guess it depends on where your at....I scrap about 3-4 times a month. A load here and there of free stuff and I can bring in several hundred extra a load.....
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    Feb 2018
    Northern Nevada
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    I used to own a 1 ton truck, 2-20 ft trailers, a forklift a 1000sqft workshop, full time guy and a part time guy. Now its just me a astro van and small trailer. I do ok. I work a "real job", 3 days a week. Deliver newspapers 1 night a week. Buy sell stuff. And scrap. Just took a load in yesterday. Had 37 lbs of bright&shiny. Got $87. For just the wire. Took my wife and daughter to lunch and a Museum yesterday.
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    Sep 2010
    New England
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    When prices were high a few years back I did well. Certainly laws are diff state to state. Also shops vary big time on "How much disassembling required", what they take, prices paid, blah blah. I finally settled on a place with easy access. i can back my truck right up to the place (muddy/dusty depending on weather.). Best part, paid in cash. For me it was always play money after, such as a dinner, few bucks to the kids, gas money etc,, had some $1000+ p/u load trips back then.
    I'll still pickup some if it's free and higher value. Regular metal stuff, not worth the gas/effort, IMO. May sound interesting, but between gathering, storing for a good load, lots and lots of time cutting, as well as the wife always *****ing about the clutter and driveway mess from separating into types . But she had no problem taking some after. 🙄

    Never-mind loading and the inevitable scratches to my Raptor . Nough said!

    Ref thieves- Living in an seaside beach community, a good number of them thieves would go under a "summer place" and strip the copper piping. Leaving returning I owners with one big $ headache!
    I still gather occasionally, but can't recommend trying it (scrapping).

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    Feb 2006
    New York, NY
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    Overall I think iíll pass unless I stumble across a big pile of copper or brass. Sounds like too much trouble to me. Thanks for all ur responses. Kind of disappointing, but it is what it is.
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    May 2012
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    I used to scrap pretty heavily back in 2009-2012, and made pretty decent money at it. Competition for curbside metal was always fierce so I wouldn't usually drive around looking for it, but instead would park and clean out creeks, ravines, hillsides and banks of rivers, which are loaded with junk in older populated areas. Since I was always hiking around looking for antique bottle dumps, fossils, artifacts etc. anyway I figured I might as well make money off all the metal I formerly passed by. Best day was 364 bucks worth of nonferrous that had been illegally dumped in a ravine after a recent house gutting and remodel, but when collecting iron I'd usually make 120-140 cash a day. Hard work but honest, good for the environment and suitable for someone who doesn't like being cooped up indoors.

    A few weeks ago I was scrounging for bottles at a c. 1950 dump and in the creek nearby found a small catalytic converter, a big chunk of cast aluminum and piece of nonmagnetic stainless, which represented an easy 58 bucks at the scrapyard literally 1 mile away. While hauling rusty re-bar from creeks all day probably doesn't sound appealing to most, it's worth keeping your eye open for easy nonferrous scores.
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    Jun 2006
    Out in the hills near wherendaheckarwe
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    Quote Originally Posted by Davers View Post
    I hear Ya. Heck they were even stealing the Sewer Lids, Funny Somebody was buying them & the hundreds of bronze Vases from Grave Sites. + all the Catalytic Converters that were saw-sawed of fleet trucks over the weekend or Holidays .
    There are some honest scrap yards but many 'Owners' are crooked & likely involved in organized crime.

    A couple years ago I wondered why some 10 miles of Pole mounted on the Median wall on I 75 4-7 lanes each direction were not on, I asked a friend who is city power guy what was the deal ?

    He said all the Wiring was stolen , This would take a bucket truck , block the fast lane on an interstate patrolled by 4 different State agency's.

    Then there was a whole Tractor trailer or 2 filled with brand new wire from 'Southern Wire' that likely ended up in China.

    Hundreds of similar cases just in the Atlanta metro.
    Out here they were sawing off the cats from fleet trucks & letting the air out of the outside tire on the duals & sliding the tires off. We even had guys going up the sticks trying to steal the pole pigs! Up in Phoenix a guy staggered into a Circle K & asked them to call para medics his friend was hurt. This guy was burned all up his right side. They had kicked open two chain link fence gates & cut the lock open on a third, then pried open a transformer cabinet. His friend had shorted a live wire direct to ground! He ended up losing both hands & an eye. Some other guys had pulled out all the sprinkler & light wiring from the conduit in the ground. The tweekers were actually going behind apartments, dismantling the AC units & walking off with the coils & motors! Some were cutting the fences of the substations & rolling spools of wire into pickups. Sad thing about it is, even if the wire is recovered it's useless to the power company because the thieves chop it up. In Cali they were swiping the guard rails from the freeways & one guy had like 20 or 30 manhole covers in the bottom of his truck with water heaters stacked on top. Another guy chopped up a bunch of shiny new rebar & filled a water heater with it. Copper pipe For about a year or so if you had copper pipe on the outside of a building, it was gone in a heartbeat!

    Now I've gotta ask, with every example above, how could you say the scrap yard operators didn't know the stuff was hot!?!?!?
    I know it's here, just need a bigger coil!

    I think I know what my last words will be....
    "Hold my beer and watch this!"


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