first time out with my new ace 250.... My Imput.
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    Dec 2006
    DFX, Eagle 2, Bandido 2 umax, Ace 250,White's Surf PI
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    first time out with my new ace 250.... My Imput.

    I recently purchased a Garrett Ace 250 due to all the good reviews and hype about it.
    I have been a White's guy for 21 years. but have wanted a Garrett for years. I took it out to a local park that I have been hunting lately which I do not think anyone has ever hunted. The park has an arena which was used for horse shows and rodeos. Let me first say that I read several peoples reviews that the ace is a dime magnet. I can honestly agree with that for I found several dimes (clad) at 5 and 6 inches where I hunted just a week ago with my DFX and my buddy was using my Eagle 2.

    The only things that I would like to change about the Ace250 is the the looseness in the rods. It reminds me of my early days (and I am only 29 years old) of using the vintage White's coinmasters. The other main complaint is the detector to me is that the stock coil for its small size is heavy which makes the detector feel off balance.

    Another thing I noticed about the Ace250 is it takes a little practice with the pinpointing on this detector. It only took a few targets for me to get the hang of it.

    In Ace250 will see alot of use in the future. But I will use my White's detectors (all 5 of them) more. To anyone thinking about buying this detector,
    for the money you can't beat it. ( I gave 195.00 new for mine with free shipping)
    And it WILL perform. I would recommend this unit.

    I hope I did not irritate any of you die hard Garrett users this is just my opinion.

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    Dec 2006
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    Re: first time out with my new ace 250.... My Imput.

    All in all a good review. The coil on the 250 is 3 oz heavier than the 8 inch Whites coil. But you can really tell it's built tougher than most. The sniper coil is a killer on this machine. What we sometimes forget is it is only $200.00. A comparable Whites would be a P4 or P5. With those costing 450 to 500 dollars it comes with a shaft lock. I run the shaft on the 250 at the 3rd or 4th hole from the bottom and the shaft is tight on mine. I know if you run it in the 1st or 2nd hole the shaft can wiggle some.

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    Nov 2006
    South Italy
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    Re: first time out with my new ace 250.... My Imput.

    Nice rewiew! I'm a newbie with detecting, I can only say that ACE helps me get in very well. Easy to operate, light, hunts deep (I found a 10" thin bronze object at 16 inches). Pinpointing with ACE seems hard to me just in trashy areas, normally it does'nt trouble me. I resolved the rod play with some tape. I had some problem with recargeables, but it was my fault!!
    An amazing ACE feature is you can change the coil. I purchased the 9x12, cause I use it in my job (Archaeologist) and it helps cover more ground per sweep. Well 9x12 seems to have a bit more depht on small finds, but it's a killer on larger ones...on air picks a car bonnet at more than two feets!!!

    I love my ACE

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    Jan 2007
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    Re: first time out with my new ace 250.... My Imput.

    I have had my Ace 250 for 3 days. Finally was able to go to a local ballpark for about an hour today. Found a quarter 2 dimes and 6 pennies.....darn..does it have to find them so deep...gonna need a backhoe b4 Had a little problem at first with the pinpointing but soon got the hang of it. Good hunting fellows.

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    Dec 2006
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    Re: first time out with my new ace 250.... My Imput.

    Yes the 250 can hit coins deep. The sniper can go down about 4.5 to 5 inches because you can run the sensitivity all the way up most of the time. Glad you had some good coin finds! Keep it up!

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    Oct 2006
    Bronx, NY
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    Re: first time out with my new ace 250.... My Imput.

    Good review......regarding the looseness, experiment with small strips of electrical tape around the tube. That will tighten it up a bit. It's worked for me. If you put too much, the tube will not slide in, so you have to really experiment. I'd try a 3 inch length strip and just wrap it around the end of the coil/tube.
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    Dec 2006
    oklahoma city, ok
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    Re: first time out with my new ace 250.... My Imput.

    The 250 is a entry level machine, but a very good entry level machine. You can't beat the features you get for $215.00. You get what you pay for. In a comparable Whites model you would spend $400.00 on a Prizm IV with a little better build quality. If Tesoro would put an ID feature on a Cibola in the 350 price range I'm afraid that would really be a hot machine, not that its not already. Lets see light weight, lifetime warr, excellent depth, id, excellent discriminator, A great price.!!!



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