Best Batteries???
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    Apr 2010
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    Best Batteries???

    ive been useing an ACE 250 and it seems to eat up batteries.. ive used Duracel and Energizer which last a few days( 15-20 hours). i bought Energizer rechargables and they seem to last less time..

    what do you guys use for the longest lasting batteries??

    size AA.

    ty HH!

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    Re: Best Batteries???

    Are you using headphones? They will extend the life of the batteries.

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    Re: Best Batteries???

    I can tell you not to use the Everyready Lithium batteries as they will not run much longer that a Duracell at nearly twice the cost. I have bought Panasonic AA at a flea market for $1.00 for a 4 pack and still get about the same time you are talking about.

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    Apr 2010
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    Re: Best Batteries???

    i should get some headphones... thanx for the tip.

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    Re: Best Batteries???

    The 250 may be cheap to run so you might want to stick with alks, but about a year ago I bought a good charger set up and am very happy. I can charge for a full day and do it in 30 minutes before I walk out the door. (But I paid about half of what a 250 cost for my set up)

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    Apr 2005
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    Re: Best Batteries???

    I have found that Ray O Vac does best in my detectors,whether I use alkalines or not. They just seem to last longer. Now that I've switched to rechargeables, I still buy RayOVac whenever I can find them.If not, I buy Panasonic rechargeables. Good Luck. rockhound

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    Re: Best Batteries???

    re chargeable, is a way to go.
    Have detector, Will Travel RJW

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    Re: Best Batteries???

    I'm running Panasonic Industrial Yellow Batteries right now. They give a long life. I like them.

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    May 2010
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    Re: Best Batteries???

    If you want rechargeable & power.... AA nickel metal hydride batteries! Sony make some for their cameras. About 10 for 4 & offer better sustained capacity! When the manufactures say "use only Alkaline batteries" they mean, dont use carbon ones because they are rubbish!

    I also definately agree with the headphones comment!!!

    Here are probably best you can buy:



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