State Park versus State Historic Park (NY)
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    State Park versus State Historic Park (NY)

    Hi everyone! What is the difference between the two? On my maps some parks are listed as a State Park, others are listed with Historic(al) in the name. I'm sure the historical ones are off limits. What about the other? Also, I received permission to hunt a county park. The director said there were no rules saying I couldn't. Do you need permission for each individual park or is that a blanket rule for all of them (Onondaga County)?

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    Re: State Park versus State Historic Park (NY)

    Rocket - I am having a problem with this one too. Officially, you cannot hunt on city, state, or federal land in VA. Well, I have been to elementary schools (city land) and not a sole has bothered me - fortunately the fields and tot lots are usually in the back off the street. I would say if you have permission go for it. I imagine many local parks do not even have 'employees' on the grounds to ask.

    I think the historical parks are the ones that are registed as historic landmarks or had documented historical importance in the past. Hopefully someone will post who knows the rules specific to your area.



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