Are you done with detecting for the year of 2014 ?
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Thread: Are you done with detecting for the year of 2014 ?

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    Its not what detector you own, its what you do with it!

    Apr 2011
    E-Trac, Safari, Cortes, Musketeer, Makro Pin-Pointer
    2244 times
    Metal Detecting
    Honorable Mentions (3)

    Cry Are you done with detecting for the year of 2014 ?

    With the rotten time change robbing me of an hour of daylight (afternoons are the only time I can hunt usually) and days getting shorter and it being in general cold and wet. Its all over for me unless we have a resurgence of warmth !! So it is really doubtful that I will be posting any kind of detecting finds here till the spring.

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    Charter Member

    Dec 2012
    MXT-PRO Sandshark
    14506 times
    Metal Detecting
    was out sunday for a couple hours and will when it's warm enough
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    Silver Fiend

    Oct 2009
    9023 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Never! If the ground is open and thawed, I will hunt.

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    steve andermatt

    Apr 2013
    AT GOLD/Garrett /Garrett pro pointer/ 5x8 double d coil and sniper coil/Lesche digger
    4588 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I'll be done with 2014 on 12/31/2014 Love
    back of the boat

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    Oct 2012
    Conquest New York
    Whites Vision, DFX, Eagle Spectrum
    387 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Was out today, and a nice day it was. Nothing old, but about 6.00 in clad. Will continue to hunt till the snow gets to deep, or the ground freezes. But, I have been known to take a hammer to beat my digging tool into the frozen ground when the urge gets to be to much.
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    Jan 2007
    morrisons cove = smell our dairy air
    1319 times
    Alot of years, I have been able to hunt most of the winter, here in central Pa. Mostly in the woods, especially where there is heavy leaf cover. Eastern or southern exposure don't hurt either.
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    No longer politically correct

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    Mar 2012
    Ventura County,So Cal
    DFX, PIDF,CZ 21,F5,
    105 times
    Beach and Shallow Water Hunting
    Quote Originally Posted by Back-of-the-boat View Post
    I'll be done with 2014 on 12/31/2014 Love
    +1 What he said
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    DFX, Surf PI Dual Field, CZ21, F5.
    The only way to know for sure is dig.

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    Oct 2013
    XP DEUS, Garrett at pro, fisher f4
    554 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Normally I would go digging on Sundays during the cold months during hunting season. Not this year though they've opened up hunting season on Sundays here in Spotsylvania Va.
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    Charter Member
    Jul 2006
    Minelab_Equinox_ 800 Minelab_CTX-3030 Minelab_Excal_1000 Minelab_Sovereign_GT Minelab_Safari Minelab_ETrac Whites_Beach_Hunter_ID Fisher_1235_X
    32827 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Nope in Fla season runs all year. .
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    Knowledge in machine struck coinage and colonial through 1800's Relics.

    Feb 2013
    New England, Somewhere Metal Detecting in the Woods
    Teknetics T2 SE (DST) Spare Teknetics T2 SE (backup) 15" T2 coil Pro-Pointer Bounty Hunter Pioneer 202 Fisher F2 Fisher F-Point
    5718 times
    Coins and Relics
    Banner Finds (2)
    Honorable Mentions (1)
    This Sunday I was detecting and bottle digging, meanwhile snowflakes were falling all around me, my legs ended up being numb, and stiff, but the ground was not frozen, and as long as it's not completely frozen, I will be metal detecting.
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    1723 irish penny
    1730 KG coin toy
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    1779, 1781 Real, ? 1 Real
    NJ Copper 1786
    1805,1838 LC
    26 Coppers 17 colonial
    175 1720-1850 buttons
    40 Musket Balls
    1906 1912 1934 dog Lics
    16 1700s Buckles 1 silver
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    3 Thimbles 1 silver
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    May 2014
    Minelab's CTX 3030, E-Trac & EQ800, Fisher F75LTD SE & F44, Whites MXT All PRO, Whites TRX Pointer & Shovel, Predator Tools Raptor hand digger & Ranger shovel. Grey Ghost Ultimate headphones.
    1344 times
    Metal Detecting
    What about weekends? You have to make time....

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    Oct 2014
    Colorado (Formerly MN)
    Garrett AT Pro & Garrett Pro-Pointer
    56 times
    Coin Collecting - Metal Detecting - Hiking
    Still holding out here in MN. Hunted this morning found a buck in clad.

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    Sep 2014
    Longmont, CO
    Gold Pan, Sluice, Hand Dredge, X-Terra 30, X-Terra 705, Sand Shark
    253 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Quote Originally Posted by Sandigger2 View Post
    +1 What he said
    +1 more

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    May 2013
    lancaster sc
    Minelab Xterra 505...At Pro...T2...F5.....F70.....xterra 705...AT Gold......Pro pointer....Pro find 25......XP Deus...gti 2500
    131 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    here in sc the ground rarely freezes...but dark is an issue....but i have lots of annual leave will be using....planning a hunt on tues...going water fishing on

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    Nov 2009
    Riding a unicorn in the Saskatchewan mountains
    Tesoro Tejon, AT Pro, Nokta Makro Simplex, still go home with a hand full of clad and junk some days.
    408 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I watch the weather like a hawk now. In a week or two the ground around here will be harder than a mother in laws heart.
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