Selling gold
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Thread: Selling gold

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    Mar 2013
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    Selling gold

    I know this has been discussed before but Im wondering where is the best place to sell gold rings and such

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    Mar 2013
    Up state NY
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    Nice thank you

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    Everyone has their own outlet. I have a friend who sells directly to a smelter. The return is usually ; melt value minus 5 %. If you have a few items of exceptional quality and workmanship, you can sell them directly to people who are more than willing to sometimes pay twice the melt value.
    Whatever you do, NEVER take your gold to a jeweler.
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    Cash for gold places and pawn shops rarely give you much more than 30-40% of spot price for scrap gold...some have a good relationship with their local pawn guys so they sometimes get way more.
    There are some refineries around the country that will give you much higher percentages like 80% of spot and higher.
    I have used ARA recyclers in Texas and they were spot on with their weight calculations compared to mine and paid me 98%.
    They will take out any stones and maybe make an offer for them or send them back to you and you can take payment in cash or trade for other things like 24k ingots they will form for you after processing.
    If you go to their website they seem to say they only deal with businesses but this is not true...they make allowances for us dirt hunters and you can call them to get more info on this.

    Welcome to - American Recycling Associates - Gold Refining, Karat Melting, Stone Recovery in Dallas, Tx
    You have to ship a package to them if you don't live near these places and that can make you nervous but my experience was great and many others have had the same.

    I have a so called refiner in a town pretty close to me that is actually more of a jeweler/buyer but they do pay close to about 80% for scrap gold and less hassle then sending it off and instant payments so depending on everything it could be worth taking a bit of a is all found stuff anyway.
    You have to watch these types of businesses close though and do the math...
    Sometimes they might want to charge you up to $25 just to acid test a piece and that can cut into your profit and is a big rippoff in my opinion.

    I have several rings that are in great shape, some that have diamonds and other stones like real natural pearls and are worth way more than melt.
    Craigslist, eBay, Etsy and other sites can be an outlet for these better jewelry pieces but they all have their ups and downsides.
    EBay has their fees, Craigslist is full of scammers and crooks so you have to have common sense, be leery and stay on you toes.

    The number one way I get rid of lots of my gold is I let my wife steal it from me.
    I make no money but she doesn't mind most of the time when I want to go out and hunt.
    As a matter of fact she often tells me to go out and hunt so win win.
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    If you want to get above spot, sell it on etsy
    . You will have to wait for it to sell but you can get some Real good money.
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    Mar 2013
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    Sounds like some very good advise from everyone. I think I'll try to sell my nicer rings online and ship the others.i kick myself for pawning some a few years ago thank you all for your advise (keep smiling and diggers to the dirt)



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