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Thread: Metal detecting & merit badges

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    Jan 2017
    Grants Pass, Oregon
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    Metal detecting & merit badges

    Good morning. Not sure how to begin this new thread, but here goes. Recently, I've had the opportunity to work with a 12 year old boy, who has had an interest in metal detecting. Two years ago he was given a detector by his parents, problem was that no one he knew had ever detected, and he was on his own, used it a couple of times only, and let it go, but still retained an interest. Fast forward; His Grandmother told him about me, and asked if I could show him something about detecting, and so we finally got together and really hit it off well, I showed him a number of things I've found, and explained several things in regards to detecting itself. He did not know the brand of detector he had, nor could he remember if it had more than one tone etc. It had been that long since he tried it. So we agreed to meet the next day to see what he had. (Added note) He admitted later that he really did not what to come over here, he only did it for Grandma, thinking it would be "boring", that maybe a guy who had detected a couple of times and so on, and ended up saying it was "Awesome". OK then, he was set to go, we met the next day, and his detector was a brand I've never heard of, VERY basic, but he was one quick study, we figured it out, and had him work with it. Now I had brought along a Garrett GTA 1000, that I had used for years traveling around on the job, it had been hanging on the wall, "Retired", fired it up, gave some basic instructions, the kid picked up on it like "Right Now". Now, JUST so happens that he is a Boy Scout, and he wondered if their was a "Merit Badge" for detecting. I looked it up, and their are merit badges for a whole bunch of things, but not detecting. In looking it up on the inter-net, one source was another detecting site, about this very topic, the responses were few, and basically negative, stating such things as, "More competition, kids running around digging holes and so on. I viewed it as a possible opportunity, in that we all know that metal detectors can be sold to anybody, and there HAS been some bad results for our hobby. I think here there might be the "Opportunity" to teach a new generation of "RESPONSIBLE" detectorist, not only the right way to swing a coil etc, but the RIGHT way to dig and recover a target, along with the code of ethics. Any thoughts?, I figure some of you may have sons or grandsons in the BSA, as well as daughters and granddaughters in the Girl Scouts. In typing this I can see the one big problem here, and that would be cost. Any kid with an interest would of course need a detector, and for many families it just is not in a budget through no fault of their own. That in it self may make this whole thread a mute point. I will at least work with this one boy and "scout", to become a Responsible detector guy. Who knows where it may go from here? Again, any thoughts or ways to explore detecting and merit badges? The members of this Forum cover the entire United States, COULD it be something? Just a thought.
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    Metal Detecting
    I'm working on a Gold Prospecting Merit Badge now with the support of Tim Grimes (Gold Prospector's Radio), Kevin Hoagland (GPAA), and Shannon Poe (AMRA). There is a lot that goes into proposing a new merit badge. It took almost five years to get the "Mining in Society" merit badge accepted. A metal detecting merit badge will face the same hurdles that mining and gold prospecting had to cross - The Environmental Lobby, or "Green Meanies." You are digging holes in "Mother Earth," and raping the land.

    This CAN be done, but it takes an entire community to come together and make it happen - Good Luck!

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    I've often thought proper metal detecting methods should be boldly posted on all metal detectors.Teaching is essential.
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    Jan 2017
    Grants Pass, Oregon
    1080 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Thank you Terry & Joe for your response, you are both right. Terry Soloman is apparently involved in scouting, therefor knows what he is talking about. It was just a thought, but I can see the headaches involved in just trying to organize and implement anything of this nature. So.... I will take this opportunity to work with this one young guy to teach him the right way, and enjoy it for what it is. Good luck with the Gold Prospecting Badge Terry, I have no doubt that you will be wearing it.
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