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    Doing some CSA research i ran accross this story

    While eatinging breakfast three Indians were seen running over an adjoining hill. The men immediately saddled up their horses, and while in the act of doing so they were assailed by a shower of arrows, and found themselves totally surrounded by an overwhelming force, who poured in an incessant fire. Each man took up his position behind a tree, and on their attempt to fire their rifles, to their horror found that they would their attempt to fire their rifles, to their horror found that they would not go off. Revolvers were immediately drawn, and after several shots has been fired the men were dislodged from their positions. Every tree shielded an Indian for considerable distance on all sides. The fight, which was a running one, was continued for nearly two hours, when Emmanacker, Pemberton, and Mosse having fallen, Sanders took his horse, and putting spurs to him, galloped down an almost perpendicular mountain, and amidst a shower of arrows escaped to tell the fate of the horrible massacre of his three comrades. He reported having been fleeter than the Indian ponies he would certainly have shared the fate of his comrades.

    The same evening that Sanders returned I ordered fourteen men, accompanies by three citizens, who volunteered to accompany the command, to proceed to the scene of the unfortunate encounter, and at sundown they left the fort. Shortly before night Captain Walker arrived and took command.

    September 8.-Since the captain's return preparations have been made to evacuate the post. About noon the scouting party returned, and reported having seen no Indians. They were at the Gallinas Mountains; saw evident marks of the poor fellows who were killed having fought with bravery and a determination to sell their lives as dearly as possible, as almost every tree was marked by blood shed by the inhuman savages, who, went hey outnumbered our men ten to one, attacked them, and were able to carry off their scalps as laurels of victory. The bodies of Pemberton and Emmanacker were found, and buried as well as circumstances would admit, with a salute fired over their graves, and a cross cut in a tree ton indicate the spot. Mosse's body was not found. His fate seems to be doubtful, although Sanders says he saw him shot through the head and fall dead before he left the ground.

    The same evening word was brought into the fort that the Indians had attacked the Placito, a Mexican settlement 10 miles below the fort. I was ordered to take fifteen men there and protect the citizens; did so; had an engagement with them (the Indians), and killed five. Returned to the fort amidst a pouring rain at 2 a. m. The next morning we started from Fort Stanton, and arrived at dona Ana, Ariz., September 21, 1861.

    JNO. R. PULLIAM, First Lieutenant Colonel D, Second Feg't T. M. R., C. S. Army.

    Lieutenant Colonel JOHN R. BAYLOR, Commanding Second Reg't T. M. R., C. S. A., Dona Ana, Ariz.



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