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Thread: Stone Effigy Collection - Tell Me Im Not Losing My Mind

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    Every stone you have posted so far is a natural formation. Not an artifact and definitely not an Effigy.
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    Nothing like a rock show!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by quito View Post
    Nothing like a rock show!!!!
    It must be the shredder in me.
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    My suggestion as a former archaeologist specializing in prehistoric Indians, is to visit a local museum that has artifacts available. Perhaps a historical park that has Native American interpreters, your department of historic resources, etc. would be ideal so you can see what typical lithic artifacts look like. Once you see them and hold them, you'll much more easily identify them in the wild. Effigy lithic artifacts in North America will be super rare finds, as most lithic items are utilitarian in nature. Rocks they have converted to hammer stones, celts, etc. It would have to be a softer soapstone type material to find carved rocks for the most part.

    Minus points, 99.9% of the rocks you pick up will be just that, rocks. We called them 'sex stones' because they were just another f#$@*ng rock! Check out stream beds and recently plowed fields, especially after a rain. If the fields are on a bluff above a river/water source, even better. Good luck, and don't let the forum or items not being an artifact frustrate you.
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    They do look cool though
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