Worm Detecting?
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    Metal Detecting

    Worm Detecting?

    You know the method for getting night crawlers where you have two metal rods in the ground then attach leads from a low voltage power supply? The worms get out of Dodge quickly. Easy harvesting if you don't kill yourself.

    Would charging the ground in an area you'd like to detect make any difference? Would the signals be better? I'm thinking the next time I'm both fishing and worm searching and always have a detector with, I may give it a try. What do you guys think?

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    Re: Worm Detecting?

    I have never heard of that, but you never know, might be onto something. You might have to put something in the ground, like a coin, mark it, wet it and let it sit for a day, then try the battery and detector. Try it with and without the battery. And do let us know what happens.

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    Re: Worm Detecting?

    hi Bob
    My father used to do that 50 years ago and the worms just seemed to pop out of the ground,maybe the coins will too,please keep us posted how it works with coins.
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    Re: Worm Detecting?

    my Father used a hot water heating element, I always hated being the one to plug it in for him lol

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    We used to "Hunt worms" with this technique too 50' of heavy gauge zip cord split. One ground rod cut into 4' pieces (only two needed). Used to hook up to an old Onan generator on the 12v side. Also, worked great for the sand shrimp. CAUTION! You need to be very alert to others wandering close or close in the water. We had a normally closed switch in line so to get current you had to be holding the button. Best safety we could come up with in those days. As far as charging coins etc in the ground I knew a guy that swore it worked. He'd run wires off his truck battery. Note 1. this was in the BFO days 2. I'd be worried about trying this with todays alternators & charging systems. I'd use a generator if I tried it today. At least you won't have to walk home if your alternator can't handle it.
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