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Thread: Ground Penetrating Radar

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    peg legged

    Re: Ground Penetrating Radar

    I am working on recovering a MAJOR gold drop.
    I have read about everything I run across concerning different MDers including GPR.
    BUT no where is there anything said bout what has been recovered-NOT EVEN A SINGLE PHOTO.
    There are tons of information that says it will not work in clay, or water, salt, OK were does it work?
    THE AREA I AM SEARCHING IS 100% MUD WITH A LITTLE WATER ON THE SURFACE. The estimated value of this GOLD is arounf 45 millions US dollars. I Want something that will penetrate 12 feet of mud. I CAN DO THE REST.
    No BS-Is there anything out there that WORKS?
    Peg Leg

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    peg legged

    Re: Ground Penetrating Radar

    I have completed a Grid layout of the area and measured the depth all the way to hardpan. The deepest is 12 feet. I also took a few core samples just to see how much sand there was mixed with the mud-not much sand at all. It was 99% MUCK. The kind that if you fell in you would never get out of. My wife steeped into the edge and had problems getting her boot out and when she did the sucktion pulled the heel off her boot.
    Since I liver near the Space Center I was thinking about placing an ad and having a MDer built for me that would get the job done. With all the ENGINEERS there should be NO problems in finding someone to do the job-don't you think?
    Peg Leg

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    Mar 2005

    Re: Ground Penetrating Radar

    You can use an EM31-MK2
    You can see for rental of this device. The price is very high !
    You will need to fly above the mud ... or to walk on it ...
    May be a boat can be used ?

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    Nov 2006
    Vicksburg, MS
    Geonics EM61-MK2, Geophex GEM-3, GapEOD UltraTEM III, Minelabs F3, Foerster MINEX 2FD 4.500
    11 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: Ground Penetrating Radar

    After reading this series of posts, I have not seen a single situation where I would suggest the use of GPR as the tool of choice. There are many different techniques in geophysics and you need to treat them as a toolbox. You select the correct tool for the job at hand and they way you select the tool is to to know the physics behind each method as well as the expected depths and phyiscal properties of your target.I would never suggest that anyone doing amateur treasure hunting by anything beyond a basic metal detector and possibly a GIS grade GPS unit. Any tools beyond that should be rented or bought in a pool with a number of other treasure hunters.

    As for locating the $45 million of gold in the mud, an electomagnetic induction (EMI) sensor would be the best tool to start with. You will need a good idea of the total mass of gold as well as a good idea of the potential depth. An EM31-MK2 from Geonics, as suggested above, would be a possible tool, but it has a maximum depth of investigation of about 10 meters. That means that a big pile of gold that is shallower than 10 meters should generate a nice anomaly. You will also need a program such as Surfer from Golden Software or a lot of time to learn how to use the Generic Mapping Tools(GMT) which are free.
    Ryan E. North
    Research Geophysicist

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    Jun 2005

    Re: Ground Penetrating Radar

    Dear Ryan,

    I agree with you that GPR is not the sole tool that should be considered when "treasurehunting" given its limitations relative to terrain, depth, and resolution. I ussually use the unit in conjunction with other equiptment available as i have earlier posted in my reply to your "topic" a few clicks above. Setting aside its limitations (GPR) given ideal conditions, its a nice tool for amatures like us to get a real time visual of the subsurface. When i get a hyperbolic reflection, i ussually run a two box over the target to verify if it is metal or not, when in range of the vlf, i run it to find out if the target is ferrous or not. I have no experience with em instruments and have none available but i think it is also relevant to our kind of treasurehunting, but as you have said, its to costly to aquire. (i have adopted your list as a Christmas wishlist).

    Advance seasons Greetings,


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    Aug 2007
    okm rover deluxe

    Re: Ground Penetrating Radar

    Quote Originally Posted by Jake4545
    No I am no sales men. And yes, I do have a Rover Deluxe as with other types of Geophysical equipment. The Rover Deluxe works well. It dosn't work as a metal detector does. A grid must be walked while scaning to get a picture of the subsurface area you are exploring, to find any anomalies, or differances in patterns in soil layers. The grid walked can't be broken in any way, as with turring around or changing direction. The soil type must be entered correctly, as well as knowing how to read your data that's collected. Think of it, viewing your data I mean. First scan a area undisturbed, then find a place that has been disturbed, dug in, moved, etc. View the differences. Useing this type of equipment is not about sound but that of differances in contour. Think of it as looking at a topographic map. It's contour lines. Now add disturbance, soil layers, and water absorbtion. Practice makes perfect. Jake4545
    are you sure that Rover Deluxe is a GPR some says its only an EM. We have one here in Phils. and the discriminator is practically not functioning they way the manual is what we did. First we do the soil reconciliation as mentioned in the manual...we set the discriminator knob to 5 ( gold, silver, bronze and aluminum) . We have a sample of aluminum sheet 1`\sqfoot in size and the ground and a ferrous metal (rusted iron). we pass over the disk 2 inches above the reacted ( there is a acoustic sound)..then the ground no reaction ( no sound) and then the ferrous metal it reacted ( there is sound)..why does it reacted on the ferrous metal is my equipment defective??have you experienced this in your equipment


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    Dec 2013
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I am interested in learning more about where i can hire a tech to operate a gpr.
    I would appreciate if you put me in touch with an expert

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    Mar 2014
    9 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Quote Originally Posted by diamondstar View Post
    What if you were to attach some type of ground penetrating radar to the under carriage of a small aircraft, and fly over an area of interest such as an area of mines, caves, etc. Then identify and eliminate targets already known would this type of radar work for finding new mines and or caves? I know I have read about treasure hunters using this over water but with magnetometer's strapped under an airplane or running behind a boat but what about land! just a theory I was curious about. can others elaborate on this topic that know more about different types of radar.
    There are some studies and experiments that show that airborne GPR works - not perfectly but it works. Some problems though; the helicopter will create significant noise in your data. Since most of the antennas are ground coupled you will get lot of the air as noise in your data. Second is that the helicopter has to fly low. You will lose in depth penetration the higher you fly. Third is the weight and installation. Fourth is that you have to buy a very expensive system that will be able to record data at the high speed of the helicopter. If you want my opinion i dont think that the whole concept is worth the trouble in general unless you have the budget.

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    Apr 2006
    TM808, Arc geo logger
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    Cache Hunting
    Does anyone on this site have an arc geo logger by Tim Williams ? I am in the Ft.Worth Dallas area of Texas and would like to get some pointer. Pebble

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    Mar 2014
    9 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Quote Originally Posted by cali55 View Post
    I am interested in learning more about where i can hire a tech to operate a gpr.
    I would appreciate if you put me in touch with an expert
    Hi cali please drop us an email and we will help.

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    metal detector

    Sep 2010
    xterra 705 by minelab
    5 times

    good info thanks

    thanks for the info good info

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    Oct 2015
    Garrett AT Pro, XP Deus, Garrett GTI 2500.
    2363 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jake4545 View Post

    GPR works well as does Magnetometers. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is an ultra-wideband imaging technique used for subsurface exploration and monitoring. It is widely used for locating utility lines; monitoring pavement, runways, and walls for soundness and thickness; search and rescue; archaeological exploration; forensic examinations; mining; ice sounding; detecting unexploded land mines and bombs; agricultural applications; groundwater studies; permafrost, void, cave and tunnel detection; location of sinkholes, karst, subsidence areas; and many other similar applications.

    The beauty of GPR is that it is non-invasive, relatively inexpensive, and can be used in a variety of ways -- there are hand-held units, downhole units, units that can be dragged behind vehicles, and even used from aircraft and satellite. It has the highest resolution of any subsurface imaging method (sometimes with resolutions of one centimeter), and is far safer than x-ray technology.

    The Rover Deluxe a GPR and Magnetometer mix is based on electro-magnetic impulse technology, attached with a discrimination disk that is capable of discriminating different metals like Gold, Silver, Steel and Iron. In this way the equipment is capable of recognizing many different subsurface structures. In addition to other things natural occurrences such as soil layers, ground-water level, cavities, burial places or buried objects such as pipes, tanks, crates and more. The Rover Deluxe has a built-in magnetometer, which can penetrate up to 2m in favorable ground conditions on larger targets, a Scan function which can detect objects up to depths of 18m. With the integrated frequency discriminator, use in strongly mineralized soils is possible. In order to recognize concrete forms, the user must proceed with an exact grid pattern. The main advantage of the equipment, is that it is particularly well suited for use in very uneven areas. Soil recognition, approximate depth measurement and data storage are accomplished by the microprocessor-controlled system automatically. The evaluation takes place comfortably at the computer, where the scanned area is displayed and the proper soil type is intered that gives a three-dimensional image which can be analyzed.

    I have one and it works well.
    Thank you for all this info.
    We shall hunt on the beaches, we shall hunt on the landing grounds, we shall hunt in the fields and in the streets, we shall hunt in the hills, we shall never surrender. 2018

    Great 2017

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    May 2007
    5 times
    Has anyone compared search results on the same field, with a GPR against Arc geo Logger or Icon Data Logger?

    Quote Originally Posted by Darren in Trinidad View Post
    If you'd like a poor man's gpr, look at Tim's website. Even though many are skeptical of his LRLs, I have personally seen his arc geo logger and it works well. For the amateur thunter, it's worth it. I get no money for recommending it Type "arc geo logger" in a search engine and you should be able to find out all about it.


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