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Thread: PROSPECTOR or BUM!!!

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    Mad Marshall

    Nov 2012
    1634 times


    Well I had another stupid kidney stone and had to come home yesterday to see the doctor to help the pain.. The worst pain ever!!!! Anyway I was out camping and prospecting in the middle of nowhere and a group of prospectors and I guess their freinds who were only interseted in shooting up the tree towards the trail.Why do all the Stupid people have GUNS??. I made camp at the bottom on the gold claim as the river was still to high to set up camp on my claim..Anyway they set up camp right next to mine and it was like a little tent city. They were for the most part freindly in person but it wasn't uncommon for me to hear rude remarks about how they were sharing their Campsite with a bum...I was on a club claim and my first time joining a club and goining to one of their properties.The only reason I joined was to have a backup for my claim if It was to difficult to get my camping stuff there and I would have a place to work untill I was able to move my camp..Anyway 3 days I had to tolerate that group and their rude coments and looks..

    It is no lie that some months I live from pan to pan..And that after a few days in the woods and the water beining so cold making even bird baths miserable I suspect all men look worse for the wear..I expected this from maybe the casual hiker but not other prospectors and definitly other club members!!! They made me feel like crap,even though I am not a bum. To make it worse a few day later after they left the father of the club member came back about 2 days later to ask to see my membership card..And to ask me my intentions and how long I intended to be there ect ect ect.. It seemed his only purpose was to interrogate me!! THIS IS THE REASON WHY I DONT CARRY GUNS!!! I already had a hole dug!!But Since I made the commitment to turn the other cheek I was polite.. This is my first time on a club property and my first time in a club period and I HATE IT!!!!! I have never met prospectors like these before..I have met some mean men but of a different sort!! not men who are mean just becouse they like making jokes at people expense and commenting under ones breath...Anyway other then that all was well..I got on to some decent diggings after they left and hope to return in a few days once this stone passes.. Why is it I have yet to meet a BUM who likes to hurt people feeling and make them feel like crap..But My first time with a club I felt like crap pretty much the whole time!!! I know it depends on the people but if these are the type of people the clubs attract I fear I have no place in a club!! Maybe it was just bad luck..I will return and make plans to move my stuff to my claim as soon as possible as I want no more dealing with the club or its people or its properties for that matter!!!Anyway I was shocked to be treated so poorly by prospectors..

    The club is of no importance so please do not ask wich club!!

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    Feb 2010
    Black Hills, South Dakota
    839 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Hey Marshal,
    It is too bad you were treated so badly. I would get ahold of the club officers and let them know the type of members they are attracting and that you know longer wish to be a member and want your money back. I would also inform them that you will let it be known how they treat new members. I know the club near here would never tolerate such behavior.

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    Gold Tramp

    Dec 2012
    2018 times
    I dont belong to club and never would join one but have had cross thier claim and work the same district, and ive had the same type expierencese, they have even told folks that my boys and i are bad dudes, we dont even carry guns!!
    Some folks i fear dont care for gold tramps AKA ( folks who have givin up the good life to pursue a life of gold prospescting ) like we got it better than some guy getting a pay check every week.

    those guys oughta try to put togethether an ounce of gold, beleive me they would stick with the real jobs I gaurantee that.

    Get well Get Gold.
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    Master of MeteorWRONG

    Dec 2012
    Gold Bug, Treasure finder. Gold Cube, Chisel, Hammer, Eye Loop.
    367 times
    I'm With Tramp on that one.. I put on no aires, and don't go armed unless I'm out over-nite (Black Bears), but i have NEVER been rude to a passerby or another camper.. Rule of the might just learn something,, or need them. Kick the the ever loving curb.. get your monies back and come join one of us pukes out in the wilds! PS I have 7 kiddos they drive anyone so i am used to keeping cool under camping

    "Get well Get GOLD!" Gold Tramp 2013...
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    Feb 2012
    Prather CA
    Whites GMT
    3351 times
    Finding GOLD
    Not much of a club, and not much a membership. Get your money back and move on. I have no problem with responsible use of firearms, but what you describe is not. You're probably too good to hanging with the likes of these arseholes.
    Last edited by Oakview2; Apr 21, 2013 at 10:17 PM.
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    "The most inspiring thing about gold, is not the value, but under magnification, the true beauty of each piece. They are truly like snowflakes that never melt." Oakview2 Fly EAGLE Fly......

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    This isn't a hobby! It's hard work!

    Feb 2013
    Golden Valley Arid-Zona
    Fisher / Gold Bug AND the MK-VII eyeballs
    6156 times
    Prospecting/Mining and protecting our rights to do so.
    I agree with B.H. on this one Marshal. Contact the Club Officers and let them know EXACTLY what you think of their setup and demand your dues back. Robi and I just joined up with a club out here and they seem like the exact opposite of what you've run into. Guns are pretty much required out here for several reasons. First off we're right on the Mexican Border ( I'm talking stone throwing distance here) and there are drug runners in the area. Secondly there are Javilina everywhere out here and you don't want to go against them without firepower if they decide to attack. And of course there's the ever present rattlers. People here don't take their guns out of their holsters unless yhey are needed. We have target ranges if we want to pop some caps.
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    Oct 2012
    Southern California
    A cheap little Bounty Hunter
    290 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Yea That is sad you were prejudged and insulted by fellow members. They need to be reported if for no other reason to try to prevent that kind of abuse from happening to someone else. I'm in a new club and I was received like I was family. They where so mean to me, just kidding. They were very friendly and generous. I was able to visit the clubs outing before joining. I would still report any unfriendly members to the club leadership. My club is an old club here in California. The members I have meet so far are of the true miners code of brotherhood. I hope that it is not a rare thing. Don't let the bad spoil the good. There are good clubs.
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    We stand on the shoulders of giants.
    I am so glad I joined this Message board.
    If I post anything that inspires anyone to do better mining then me, I did my part.
    And If anyone inspires me to try something new, or better, I thank them now.

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    Apr 2012
    Minelab Explorer Se Pro,Garrett At/Pro,Garrett Ace 350,Tesoro Cibola,Tesoro Outlaw,Bounty Hunter SharpShooter 2
    411 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    The more time i spend with people the more i like my dog
    Im not mother had me tested

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    Pannin' Fer Gold!! WolfPack="WP"

    Feb 2011
    Greenwood, SC
    Garrett GTA 500 (need a new/better one)
    191 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Man I hatre to hear what happened to you...I'd not give up, if for no other reason then to make their lives miserable....and to think all you;d have to do to make them miserable is to be at a site, prospecting for gold, a right in which you paid GOOD MONEY to do...The same money they spent to be there!! Then of course you'd make them miserable by breathing the same air they breathe!!! At that something!!!! How can it be that you could make somebody miserable just by breathing the same air Well, it appears that is the case here. these people will never be happy SO DON'T LET IT BORTHER YOU !!!! I seen and read many of your posts on here and I consider you a PROSPECTING BROTHER!!!! GOOD LUCK AND KEEP GOING!!!
    GODS, GUNS & GUTS made this COUNTRY FREE...I'll KEEP all THREE you can have the CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!

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    Mar 2003
    6701 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Yuppie miners what next,nuttn' but pp envy as you walk the walk and all they get to do is talk the talk. You have much better control than I as I'd a told to go f time or tolerance for stupidity...Mom and pop local yokel clubs cool,bign' carpetbaggers LL NO-John

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    Sep 2012
    99.00 something or other from big 5
    62 times
    Hey Mr. Marshall, IMHO, I don't know you but I've read your posts and watched many of your vids, you are a true prospector. You are a modern day prospector not a follow the fad kind of guy. Please don't let people like those get you down or second guess yourself.Keep going,keep finding the gold, keep enjoying life.

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    Aug 2012
    SO CAL
    SDC2300, Gold Monster, Sierra Gold Trac, GB2, F19 and the Falcon
    1298 times
    You can't judge a book by its cover anymore than a person by physical appearance, good luck out there and I wish you well....Rob
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    Feb 2013
    40 times
    Bummer about the kidney stone.

    Never, *EVER* join a gold prospecting / hobby club. Of the three I checked out as a guest, every single one was full of infantile "let's destroy all life forms we see out there" lunatics, most of whom brought pistols and long guns. The East Mojave club I checked out had members that started shooting at anything and everything in the early mornings (while it was still too dark to see anything) and wouldn't stop until after dark or they ran out of ammunition; some would work a dry washer with a pistol stuck in their pants waist band. Some worked claims the club did not own.

    I loathe these clubs. They some times claim every meter of a township, locking out non-members, and the clubs seem to exist ONLY to collect dues.

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    Miz ... Gold Digger

    Mar 2008
    Los Angeles, California
    Gold Bug Pro
    179 times
    Mad ...

    The apple doesn't fall far from the tree in that family! [ ... and once it hits the ground ... it rots].

    If you do quit the club, please tell them exactly why. This is absolutely ridiculous!

    And if the offending family is on the board reading this ... father ... what kind of man heads out to meet up with a "bum" empty handed? Is it too much for you to bring a bag of burgers or a $5 pizza to someone camping out in the wilderness whom your children claimed was a "bum"? Father and sons -- all of the gold in the motherlode can not fix what is wrong with your family.

    ... climbing outta my soapbox racer now...

    MadMarshall, congrats on taking the high road, that is never easy to do. Stay calm and rock on!

    -- Katt.
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    Mar 2003
    6701 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    PS on kidney stones-MORE WATER . I had them ungodly thangs for almost 15 years 2-3 times a year(hospitalized twice with both blocked) till a GREAT doc gave me a graduated cylinder and a hydrometer to check urine density. When yellow chug water and especially cranberry juices in any form. Haven't had a stone in at least 20 years but I mark every tree I see 'purt near,but ANYTHANG to not go through that horrorific agony again-John


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