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Thread: Finding Gold Atop of the Ground

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    Sounds like someone is upset that the thread took a turn away from their original topic. Well, welcome to 100% of the threads on the internet. It's easy to bring it back onto your topic. Every thread detours a bit. Bring it back. No need to whine, which is what it seems like I'm hearing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OreCart View Post
    This is the flat, silty area. It looks like an oil sheen, but I think it is just the camera penetrating the water in the center, and not on the outer edge. The water does move here, but very, very slowly.

    Attachment 1707443
    Sorry, but that does not look like gold, that looks like Mica. As others have said, it just does not glitter like that, and would not be on top of brown sand.
    Gold just will not be on top of that background material.

    How far are you from Mount Mica?
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    I love the taste of water, frozen into squares, and surrounded by rum

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    Quote Originally Posted by OreCart View Post
    For the same reason I have said from the very beginning; the thrill of the hunt.

    It has been a really interesting last four years, finding an old mine nearby, and noting the changes in the bedrock, and from that seed of an idea that gold may be present in an area of this state that is not currently known for it, only to determine there is not just gold present, but fairly abundantly. All that has all been really fun.

    As stated before, there are many kinds of prospectors, and many motivations that drive them, and while I have nothing against those that out to collect it, for me it is finding where it is at, and where it is not, that is the most fun. For many on here who cannot get out, I figured they would like to tag along and join in the hunt.

    I am not going to let naysayers ruin that by constantly trying to defend my credibility. I see that sadly enough on here when people post pictures of their assay's. There is seldom words of encouragement like, "Good for you", or "Oh wow", it tends to be negative in nature such as, "well how much free gold is there", or "you will not get much money mining that." The person was not asking any of that; they were just excited they found gold; something so many people wish for, and so few do. Good for them, but how hard is it to say just that..."Good for you! I am excited for you!"

    Of course it is jealousy, but that takes on many forms and for many reasons.

    Perhaps it is from a person that has been looking for gold and never found any yet. Or perhaps a person is upset that they cannot get out to their own claim nearly as much as they want to. Or perhaps the person's claim is lackluster. I do not know, but I have dealt with jealousy all my life and am used to it.

    Me; I have had too many hardships to care. There will always be people that are worse off than me, and certainly many that are better off than me. If they are the former, "what can I do to help", and if they are the latter, then good for them. "You made it, let me shake your hand. You have done well".

    Whether Gold or Pickie Dust, good health or bad; God has given me what he has, and I will be thankful. His grace is sufficient for me.

    Cause yea there is thread after thread of people posting Assays and being shot down by naysayers... lol cool party wish I had gone.

    Why even be on a forum that is so populated by naysayers why endure the mocking

    Funny cause I'm one of the few people on this forum that shares pictures of some of the gold I find.. just SOME.

    And it tends to be more often than most others.

    There are less than six of us here that do so consistently.

    Not for bragging rights. Not to look cooler than others.

    Simply because it is nice to share and encourage newbies. Showing that with relatively minimal effort what can be found.

    I tend to do it when the forum has been dry of good pictures and sharing of finds.

    Funny thing about the thrill of the hunt...

    You have to have actually found what you are looking for.. or all related points..are poinless.

    Whats the thrill of a Turkey hunt if you miss any your arrow is stick in a tree?

    A picture of the bark, does not feathers make.

    Not a bit of jealousy behind my comments.

    Sorry you feel the way you do. Own your attitude. Don't put negativity on the observer. We have the right to comment based on what we see.

    From my twenty plus years of experience doing this. I still do not see gold in any pictures posted.

    To answer the original question yes gold can be found on top sometimes. On bedrock, top layer skim deposits etc.

    However if it isn't on bedrock any disturbance or flow of water and it won't stay there very long.

    Would be nice in a thread like this to confirm, inform and discuss.

    Been trying to do that. Yet the person with the original relevant info who started the whole thread. Thinks questions are needless "debate"

    Because of "naysayers" and " jealousy"

    Like I said Silly.
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    You won't show gold in a pan, but you'll show a satellite view of the property? Come on!
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    Quote Originally Posted by enamel7 View Post
    You won't show gold in a pan, but you'll show a satellite view of the property? Come on!
    He found pickers on the ground but just left them there. It's enough for him just knowing it's there.....said nobody ever.
    Quote Originally Posted by GoldDoozah View Post
    The fact that homo sapiens teach genetically engineered canines tricks, on the third planet of this particular star in the Milky Way, is extremely unlikely.


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