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Thread: Tizzy Martin to team with homeless drug addicts on Indian land!

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    Jun 2010
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    Tizzy Martin to team with homeless drug addicts on Indian land!

    Our old "friend" Tizzy Martin is back!The Nisenan Indians get 32 acres along Deer Creek in Nevada City and Hospitality House will send their homeless drug addicts to squat there and clean everything up! Hooboy! I doubt anyone has seen a Nisenan native American for many years, but Homeless drug addicts are a plenty in the area and infest the towns of Grass valley/Nevada City by the thousands!

    Clean it up? History has shown that they trash up an area then move on and harrass the fine people of the Village constantly.

    I am all for the native Americans, and the homeless! They need a place to mine the beer bottles and wine bottles and precious hypodermic needles. Maybe someone can donate a metal detector for them to use.

    On November 14, 2018, after a five-year process, 32 acres of land on Deer Creek were allocated to the Native American nonprofit by the Nevada City council with the help of The Sierra Fund. On May 30, The Sierra Fund and Hospitality House are inviting the community to help clean up the area.

    The acreage will be connected to the tribute trail, and is off of Champion Mine Road. The Sierra Fund has spent almost five years assessing the property, cleaning up any contaminants leftover from recycling efforts in World War II, said Martin, and working with cultural anthropologists to survey the area.

    We all wish Tizzy the best!Lets all chip in and help!

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    Dec 2015
    Oregon Coast
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    Wow! Excellent location for a casino! Way to go Iz! (sarc)
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    Apr 2015
    Oshkosh, WI
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    Those that try to "protect" the environment usually screw it up the most!

    Make sure everyone takes great before and after pictures to beat these morons with!

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    Sep 2013
    Motherlode, CA
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    I'm sure Dizzy will take pictures of the area prior to cleaning it up and show them at a Water Board Meeting and say it's a mining camp.

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    Apr 2014
    Modesto, CA
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    Are the moderators here okay with offensive terms being used to describe INDIANS Just wondering because I've seen moderator intervention for far less here..

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    Dec 2015
    Oregon Coast
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    I wish well for all people, on the other hand I don't trust this underhanded woman for one second.

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    Apr 2015
    Oshkosh, WI
    1343 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Meanwhile on the American River....https://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2019...-flood-levees/

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    Northern California

    Aug 2007
    Southern California
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    Captaincies Nemo - very interesting!

    I've been concerned for years about the levees as at some point the river that empty into the Delta will Flush that area with Super High Water. If the levees fail there will be a whole new worry to deal with as some portion of Sacramento will be in SF bay.

    As far as Tizzy goes, follow the money trail as she is certain to be found playing with it. IMHO

    The Native Indians are just being had in another Scam perpetrated on all of us that pay taxes. A lot of folks have become Millionares even Billionares as the USA has gone into Massive Debt. Just where the "Dickens" does all that money go?! Again, IMHO
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    Out searching w/GMT & friend under my arm

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    Jun 2010
    359 times
    My buddy already told me that creek area was already swarming with homeless.

    Many years ago, and enormous nugget(many pounds) was found on a tailing pile near the Champion mine, just sitting there!



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