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Thread: Stealth camping -As long as we have the earth nobody is homeless.

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    Stealth camping -As long as we have the earth nobody is homeless.

    It is no secret I am a cheep SOB It explains why I am debt free not because of my incredible virtue but because I did not want to pay any more interest or insurance than I had too.
    I have trucked all over this nation and just see no need to pay for motel when I can take out a hammock stretch it out between 2 items and get some sleep Stealth Camping: Stealth Camping Defined: <br><i>With a nod to those who have come before</i> I will rent HOTELS the wife is high society and she will not try my way. As long as I have some sort of weapon I can sleep anywhere, a weapon can be a gun but a knife and a can of wasp spray can rest my fears too I would not try to camp where bears or wild pigs can come in and kill me but hey they can show up just about anywhere these days so really just have some defensive measure you probably will never have to fight off a wild animal but if you do better to have some plan.
    Cops and brain dead kids are your biggest enemies when urban stealth camping.http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/0...n_1437738.html We have seen in recent news stories how the kids on a bus harassed an elderly lady to the point of tears. Well that is a lady on a bus imagine what those same kids would do if they found a defenseless homeless man stealth camping? Not all homeless are broke saddened alcoholics some of them are actually rich saddened alcoholics. One passed away while living in Phoenix Az with a net worth of over 4 million dollars he lived in shelters and would take out his laptop to trade stocks when he got free internet. Homeless Atheist Leaves Behind Surprise: $4 Million! - Born Again Pagan
    My way well I maintain family membership at the YMCA YMCA Membership Information, Baton Rouge that is $75 for 3 this means we can go swim shower for a fee that is less than a dollar a day.If you are single it will skyrocket to $1.66 a day for that same membership ~$50 a month but that is still worth it since I have paid $10 for showers at truck stops when I was OTR trucker. When it comes to getting some sleep it is better to locate some woods where you can rest your head when you have gotten enough rest time to pump it up again. When I was trucking I liked to sleep 4 hour or so here and get the rest on the other end when I got a good place to rest.Discovery Channel :: Learn to Survive
    I don't know what it cost for a storage lockerStorage Unit Sizes and Specifications | ClimaStor, Baton Rouge, LA but ask me one can make it in this world if they want not paying any traditional rent. Sure it helps to have a home but it really is not required if you use your head and pay some very minimal dues. Do I advocate doing this for life? Nope I just think if you want to get the monkey off your back and are starting over again you should NEVER get an apartment and don't get your next home from a Realtor. The library has books on buying distressed houses I rather get a home for little money and make some improvements than pay on perfection get to the end of almost paying it off in 15 to 30 years and be foreclosed on because my health failed or the economy had another planned hiccup. Another way is just to buy the cheapest land you can get making sure ownership is not going to involve any HOA or incredible tax burden. I would recommend living in the South because land is still almost free and the temps rarely get so high you have to spend your summers end chopping wood.
    Some love to dumpster dive but would never think of eating food from a dumpster as an experiment I tried it and I LOVED IT I was eating more fresh vegetables since I was a kid and we had gardens. I read a book suggested by a member of this site the Art and Science of Dumpster diving. In that book John Hoffman tells his story it is an incredible story and one every one that has ever been hungry or tossed on the streets should learn. http://racoonsongs.com/raccoon%20-%2...r%20Diving.pdfWhen you learn this incredible gift of scrounge survival you know that there is no reason for you to ever worry what the bible says is really true that he takes care of the birds why not would he take care of you you of little faith? Sure the bible also says pride comes before a crash well if you think about it pride is what keeps people from doing many of the things that are perfect fiscal sense.
    We see it on the news almost daily where somebody murdered somebody after having been discharged from their job or facing eviction. That sort of thing is should not occur since we are still extremely wealthy. This nation throws away enough in the trash to get you back on your feet in not time at the very least you could cover the fees of the YMCA and a storage unit.
    Sure you might have to start over in life a few times but if you have some inside knowledge you can make it back to 100% home ownership sleeping in a bed taking hot showers again in a year or two. Even if it gets so bad that you loose your car or you have no license there are options out there you can exerciseMoped Laws by state you can build you own moped that is legal to ride no license no insurance no kidding. Did you know that you can put a motor on a bicycle and ride it no insurance no license and there isn't a thing they can do? Except Ca they have smog rules get a bike that passes their smog and you are good to go.Bike Motor Kit :: Motorized Bikes, Bike Engine Kits, Gas Bike Kits, Bicycle Engines and Kits,bicycle engine kit parts
    You already are on the website that teaches you the most I have ever seen about scrounging and making it. Sure we all want a nice $200K home but sometimes you get what you can. Just cause others think it is white trash do this for me roll back the clock 100 years what was this country like back then? 100 Years Ago In America well lets see? We already know from news in the 1930s that a presidential candidate Herbert Hoover had a promise of a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage I eat chicken daily don't even need a pot cook a chicken breast in the microwave less than 10 min I have chicken and veggies fresh from the freezer to the table?
    Recall history of dust bowl too?The Dust Bowl of the 1930s when you look at those times you have to say we really do have it made. Back then we had literally millions of Americans starving to death. The largest human migration in recorded history occurred due to this. I talk to my granny and she talked about okies as if they were some sort of gypsies and they were nothing of the sort they were people that hit the wall and needed to do the right thing move.
    Sure the economy is not what it should be but we can easily afford chicken every day I know I can collect money enough to get my hands of food and if not the dumpster will soon get something I can convert to my benefit, If not I have a line and a pole? I live in the swamp if you starve here you are just stupid.Okefenokee Swamp Pigs
    Last but certainly not least we can grow our own food on our own land sure it is work but it is freedom and best of all it is delicious. There are some that take a water pump in their boat will grow food on the river banks it is the most fertile land and you can grow more food than the animals will eat besides these animals get too comfortable eating your garden they too will be on a plate real soon.
    Lets not forget about our best friend the sun it can heat our water cook our food it provides light it is an energy source that has kept a nice enough schedule that man can predict what is to happen pretty accurately. Solar ovens are nothing new man has been using just the sun to cook with for a very long time. The types of solar ovens are many some cost a lot others can be built from scrounged items.Plans for Solar Cookers -- The Solar Cooking Archive We can heat water using the sun too I have these vacuum tubes I bought and a tube can have 20 oz of water boiling under an hour if you use some reflectors. There is always the backup wood wood gas stoves are cheap to build a pair of tin snips a nail and some cans you can be cooking in less than an hour. It aint rocket science and we just have to do it there is no reason to starve. There are critters around here that you can kill with a pellet gun the state will even give you $5 for the tail since they want these animals gone. I have not eaten one I suspect one day I shall get one and make a meal out of one. Just I get food at the store so cheap just pop it into the microwave and eat. I just ate flounder got a box of it from sams each piece was already wrapped I place it in the microwave with some vegetables add some seasoning and I eat very delicious food.
    Sure they say you can't get something for nothing but know what you can come dam close.
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    cdltpx is my youtube screen name look there I have lots of favorites on many subjects. I also have a lot of subscribers that I have not thanked a single one of them for subscribing. I figure they subscribed same reason I sub to others to learn from what they find or post.

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    Wow, what a post, but you got some interesting info in that I will check into further. Denver has banned overnight campin in the city. We have a different class of people that some might call homeless living in the woods here in the mountains. Not really 'homeless', but 'houseless', as they have jobs. They get this idea to come to the mountains from John Denver or somebody, then find out that the jobs they get won't pay to rent something. You can figure about a dollar and a half a square foot for rental property. That's what passes for 'affordable housing' here in Summit County. Utilities will be extra. Nice folks mostly, and I'm glad they had a dream to come here, but the big issue I have with them is that many have no respect for the environment. They have left some areas so trashed I can't even begin to get it cleaned back up in one day. I was on what you might call a six year camp-out some years back in Oklahoma. I lived in a teepee. When I left the spot, the only evidence I had been there was that sunflowers grew up where the teepee stood, which looked kinda cool really.
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    Just like Texas in 1880.

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    Jul 2009
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    ACE 250/2 coils BH 2 coils/ Garrett pinpointer.
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    I never understood the negative view of stealth camping. The smart thing is not to leave a mess true many that stealth are not really stealth camping because of the mess they leave. Denver may have made stealth camping illegal they will only promote B&E of un occupied property. People will be forced to hide even more. Maybe their logic is that if they are not allowed to camp that they will keep the area cleaner? IDK what their logic is but now more than ever we have people that have nothing we are in the middle of a great depression people are so screwed.
    The book link is really good it is one of very few books I have paid for. I advocate never renting unless you rent a storage unit for hardly anything. My advice is to own your land if you are where you can't own your land there are other places you can live that has public transport and land for affordable rates. I could do an article just on public transportation. I did not know but Greyhound has wifi and a plug in for your electronic devices. I checked today what it would cost for me to get to NYC from 70769 $210 that is very little then when I get there I could have a weeks worth of transport for $29 that is quite a deal especially since you get transport on subway or bus for that rate unlimited transport. These are things we just don't learn about till it is too late. Where I live now you have to have your own transport but my property cost only $32K to buy I have a huge place here for nothing a month we pay utilities and maintenance that is it. I hear people say how they just can't make it and I have to say BS as long as you keep your eye simple you can make it. Enjoy that book The art and science of dumpster diving it is really funny and super imformative. It teaches you how to survive in today's world.
    cdltpx is my youtube screen name look there I have lots of favorites on many subjects. I also have a lot of subscribers that I have not thanked a single one of them for subscribing. I figure they subscribed same reason I sub to others to learn from what they find or post.

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    Well, I do stealth camping when I can and so do most other travelers on two wheels crazyguyonabike.com: Bicycle Touring: A place for bicycle tourists and their journals and make no qualms about it because often times we have no choice. I don't like trespassing on somebody property but in many cases it's safer than in a ditch on the side of the road. A quick nights rest and out of there by mornings light and back on the road. For me, shower and a hot meal is needed from time to time and cetainly puts new life in my step. LOL



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