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    Stage 2 of a ring return

    Okay so a couple weeks ago I was browsing a local community forum popular with folks who have time shares here on the island. Every now and then you can get some good info like a new resturant or an upcoming event. So I see this thread titled "Lost man's wedding ring". Certainly I'm interested. I read the post and really all the poster wrote was that her brother had lost his ring at one of the resorts a few days prior and hoped that someone may have found it.
    I went out the next morning and the finds were pretty bleak in my book but I did manage to find a man's palladium wedding band. Since the finds were few I was kind of having that feeling that man this is her brother's ring. (All family members had left the island at this point)
    I registered with the forum and started corresponding with the moderator who provided the poster with my email. She was able to describe the ring and provide a few photos of her brother wearing the ring.
    Well she posted on the forum that the ring had been recovered and then another member chimed in that she was going to be here this month and would carry it back to the states. She in turn will give the ring to the forum moderator who is friends with the woman who did the original post who will in turn return the ring to her brother. Man, the logistics invovled with this one.
    Anyway, I met with the nice lady this evening and gave her the ring. The laser dots are not Syrian snipers but from the bars' little laser light show thingy. I hope to eventually get a final pic of the sister returning the ring to her brother.
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    Mar 2010
    Dutch Caribbean
    1207 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
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    Lost and FOUND Man's Wedding Ring - Official Aruba Community Forum

    This is most of the entire story. There were some emails and private messages so some of the forum messages may seem cryptic. Long and short of it is that the fellow now has his ring. You have to read all 3 pages of messages but they are pretty short.



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