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Thread: Abandoned Mines In Colorado

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    Oct 2009
    Rogers, Arkansas

    Abandoned Mines In Colorado

    Hey guys, I'm planning a trip for this spring where I would detect in several abandoned colorado mining camps. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could obtain locations of abandoned gold mines and mining camps in Colorado?
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    Nov 2004
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    Re: Abandoned Mines In Colorado

    Probably at the Mining claims office or where ever they file the mine claim plats at, Also I would buy a Radon Detector as well, some of those mines have very dangerous levels of Radon in them.
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    May 2005

    Re: Abandoned Mines In Colorado

    MOON, we camped at Clear Creek years back & explored the mountains, which had mines & old log cabins all over. You had to walk to most of them. Don't know if you can still get back in there now. You can pan in the ARK. River, gold in every pan. Go to Granite & drive up the road behind the store & those MT. are covered with mines & old cabins.
    Hope this helps, Take Care & Have Fun.

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    Oct 2007
    Summit County, CO
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    Re: Abandoned Mines In Colorado

    I don't think anything is truly abandoned up here; it all belongs to somebody. Lots of this area is national forest and they've started putting up signs warning about removing archeological and historical relics. Check with the national forest folks. When I'm out, I'm always prospecting, which I believe is legal, unless I'm on someone's claim. I've never been confronted by a Ranger. Better yet, call up Gold n Detectors (sp?) in Golden, CO. They're pretty good old boys and would probably answer your questions. And I don't work for them or nothin, but I guess I'm givin them a free plug. I done business with them and they treated me alright.
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    Just like Texas in 1880.

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    Oct 2009
    Rogers, Arkansas

    Re: Abandoned Mines In Colorado

    Hey thanks for the responses guys.. Im definitely going to add clear creek to my list. I would like to just have a map with a bunch of places such as ghost towns and mining camps marked on it and just spend the entire spring using a GPS to search from place to place.

    If you are out prospecting and that is legal who can scold you if you happen to unearth an artifact

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    May 2005

    Re: Abandoned Mines In Colorado

    I read a article about the BLM arrested this guy for removing stuff from along the Oregon trail, I later met him at Rye Patch, & he told me this Ranger was talking to him asked him if he found any thing, & he puled out some modern bullets, wire, & purple glass, normal junk that we usual find, They gave him a ticket & he had to appear in court, He beat it but it still cost him over $2500 for lawyer. chuck

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    Peace Through Superior Firepower

    Jul 2005
    Colorado Springs
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    Re: Abandoned Mines In Colorado

    I anybody asks me if I found anything, my standard answer is always," Not a thing, but you never know."

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    Colorado is where it's at!

    Aug 2008
    Tulsa, OK
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    Re: Abandoned Mines In Colorado

    So much National Forest land so little time, my brother and I are planning an April trip to CO, can't wait. I'll be looking for you claim jumpers and I'll have my water gun ready. No really, I'll drink a beer with ya'll, just hope it's not too crowded out there. Happy Goldin'


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    Jan 2005
    Colorado Springs, co
    3 times

    Re: Abandoned Mines In Colorado

    much of the sangre de cristo range has been withdrawn from claims (yes i mean national forest not wilderness area) south of poncho springs. just run the geocommunicator where you see all kinds of closed claims but no current ones those will be the areas you would be interested in. for 15.00 you can get a rock hunting permit for up to a ton of rock for two weeks from the saguatch blm. i found this out when iwent to file a claim. this way you don't have to worry about being on someones claim the goverment already stole it for you. happy hunting. it is a good area.

    Wild Boulder Bill
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    Apr 2014
    1 times
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    A great*exchange of information.
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    Feb 2014
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    A few years back I visited a gold mine in Colorado that was old but being re-worked.
    The entry to the mine was a tiny shack built up against the mountain.

    The folks there pointed out a scattered bunch of holes in the mountainside with tailings that were mines worked in the 1800's.
    Interesting stuff. Like was said though, it all belongs to somebody.

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    Mar 2013
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    There are over old 6,000 gold mines in Colorado shown at:

    Search the Mineral Resources Data System

    Get the google earth file & it will show locations & link to reports. Some locations are spot on while others can be off. Usually they are close to the exact location but I have found some a mile away.
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    Mar 2003
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    Get a list of archeological/historical sites so you know where to stay away from. You will hear from some agencies that they refuse to tell you so you don't go out and dig'm up. BUT they are more than happy to ticket you when you do by accident. Stock answer-I don't know nuttn',I ain't seen nuttn,I ain't found nuttn' and leave it at that as they can/will take all your equipment and vehicles also that brought you to commit this crime sic sic sic. Fines,community service,even jail/prison for repeaters as evidenced on tv(wild justice) and personal experiences with associates who knew better-John
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    Feb 2014
    Western Colorado
    64 times
    Hwy. 550 between Durango and Ouray is a great place to visit if you are interested in old mines. It'll keep you busy for days. After that, you might think of a trip up La Plata Canyon out side of Durango. Great mining history in both places.



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