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    Insert money back in pocket....

    Recently, I decided that I just had to have a pinpointer. After a very lot of research and even more internal debate, I narrowed my choices to either a Sunray probe or the Falcon MD20. One is a little bit more expensive and the other works inline on my MXT. Both are highly rated and each (like all detectors) have their pros and cons but these are the two finalists waging war between the few brain cells I have left.

    To be honest, the MD20 was winning out so that is the one that I commenced to buy. I went to the manufacturer's website and it directed me to a list of authorized dealers. No websites listed, just the state they are in and their phone numbers. I recognized only two of the vendors. One is many thousands of miles away from me and he offers free shipping but I did not think it was fair for him. The other was in the southwest but his website was a horrible mess and I gave up trying to find the product.

    Next, I turned to the Sunray. OMG! The manufacturer's site....well, let's just say that it is just a step above (ok, 2 steps) the one that supposedly had the Falcon. They also pointed to authorized dealers and I did not want to look there. Instead, I looked to the best treasure forum, this one. Surely, there would be a sponsor or supporting vendor that could mine this miner. Imagine my surprise when I found that none of the vendors here offer either of these pinpointers. No teven the one starting with a "K". I swear they had the Sunray when I bought my MXT from them....

    Anyway, my feeble mind just can't handle going through all of this again over another pair of contenders so I will just put the cash back in my pocket for now.
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    Check out Detector Depot

    Since they are in your state and carry SunRay, I bet if you call them up and tell them you want a SunRay probe for an MXT, they will order one for you.

    Also, why did you think free shipping wasn't fair? Most all dealers offer free shipping anymore. It's their way to offer you a lower price since they can't advertise it any lower per their contracts with the manufacturers.

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    Apr 2012
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    i ordered mine from the sunray site, easy with great service, sunrays are awesome!
    have detectors, will travel!

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    Sep 2007
    White's MXT Sunray DX-1 Falcon MD20 Garrett Seahunter Mark II
    70 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I guess I was a little frustrated and upset when I started this thread. In this day and age, if you want to do business, you have to have a good website. Something that is easy for your customers to navigate. I was leaning toward getting the Falcon MD20 because it would suit my prospecting needs best. I began my search for a vendor here because I feel that if we support them, they will continue to support this forum. I was surprised to see that none of them carried it.

    I then went to the Falcon site and found that I could not make a purchase there. I found a list of dealers and was only familiar with a few of them. A lot of the others didn't even have a website. Being the suspicious type, I steered clear of them. I spent such a great deal of time trying to find a dealer that I felt I could trust that I guess I gave up on the Sunray too. I did check with Kellyco because I had seen it there a few years ago but they no longer carry it. I did check the Detector Depot site that bazinga mentioned. They do not list the DX-1 on their site and I would assume that is because they do not carry White's detectors. I'm sure that if I called them, they could get it because they already carry the brand. I'm sure that I am not the only one that choses not to do that. If they wanted to sell me a DX-1, they would stock it and list it on their site.

    Today, I took the time to check the sites of the vendors that support this forum as I realized that I never did that for the Sunray. Oops! Anyway, I found that Big Boys Hobbies carries the DX-1 and has it cheaper than other places. To top it off, they ship for free and there is no sales tax. I happily placed an order with them.

    I also decided that I still had to have the MD20 so I ordered that from akmining.com
    The creeks are all cowards and run underground and whiskey is so scarce that you can’t use it to wet down dry jokes. –The Irish Lord 1897



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