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    Sep 2004
    cleveland ohio
    whites prizm III

    just some thoughts...

    i've been thinking about upgrading to an xlt, but now i'm having second thoughts...i'm currantly use a prizm III, not the best and not the worst, i'm thinking instead of spend ton-o-money on another machine maybe just spending some and geta 10'5 coil and maybe a 5" coil and maybe a pinpointer. it all would cost about 1/3 of the xlt. i hunt parks, house's, playgrounds. i want to hunt more this year so i'm stuck between upgrading or expanding. i don't hunt everyday so i'm stuck with the "way pay more and use less" thought. or maybe use the money for gas and get out to hunt more. any thoughts?....serb

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    Jan 2005
    North Augusta SC

    Re: just some thoughts...

    I didn't know the PIII could take different loops, that might be a really good option. I don't know if it would be as good as an XLT but for the money it might be the way to go at least for a while. You could always trade and upgrade later.
    DFX - The Big Gun

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    Jan 2005
    6 times

    Re: just some thoughts...

    As of now Whites only makes two coils for the Prizms. The stock 8" and the open centered 950. 9 1/2" coil. I've heard other makers have coils that fit Prizms but don't know anything about them.
    Unless your hunting for relics don't bother with a BIG coil. A big coil will give you more depth but is not as receptive to coin size objects. That includes rings. If you do most of your hunting in parks and playgrounds etc. a small coil is the way to go. Gets between the trash better and only a very little loss of depth.
    You didn't mention how long you have owned your Prizm. Have you really outgrown it or are you just not finding the stuff you'd hoped you'd find when you bought it?
    I've read good things about the Prizms on this and other forums. If you haven't had it for a year i'd wait and just get really good with the Prizm III before upgrading. It takes time to learn what your detector is telling you. No detector, no matter how expensive, can tell you what's under the ground 100% of the time. They are not x-ray machines.
    Remember that the Whites E-series DFX, XLT, MXT, are NOT turn on and go detectors. Although the MXT would be the closest. They take alot longer to master than the Prizms.
    Well, those are my thoughts. Have fun!

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    Jim Cal

    Re: just some thoughts...

    You might consider keeping your current machine as a backup and upgrading to an MXT since you would then have a top performing machine with lots of accessory options. I also like the White's Prizm V with its many features. I hunt with a DFX and it is a turn on and go machine if you use the preset programs but allows lots of customization of programs as you gain experience and want to try diffferent settings. Go see your dealer and play around with some different models till you find one you really like. Jim Cal

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    Sep 2004
    cleveland ohio
    whites prizm III

    Re: just some thoughts...

    i've had the prizm a little under a year now. its still finding stuff i like, i just need to get out more. it's just that i have some money coming back from taxes and am thinking of all the stuff i could get. but after talking to my wife today, she dosnt think its a good idea right now. but she is the responsible one and i'm the impulse buyer. so maybe just get a pinpointer and maybe a coil. she's usually right, and she said it was ok to get some stuff just not a new detector. so i guess i shouldn't complain, after all she is the best treasure i have found! thanks all ...serb

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    Apr 2004

    Re: just some thoughts...

    I have had 5 detectors including a Whites E-series XLT, The depth and sensitivity was good but the XLT gave me to many false alarms and ghost signals. Also the coin display constantly gave me misleading information (shows a picture of a ring when its really a pull tab) The only thing that really seem to work was the pinponter and depth meter. The end result was that I stopped digging targets . Not a good habit to get into. Now I just use a cheap BH and when I get a good beep I just start digging. Also with the XLT you can forget about wet sand or Hot rock Areas.

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    Jan 2005
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: just some thoughts...

    I have a Prizm IV and really love the machine. One thing that will really help you is the 950 coil. The upgrade will cost about 65 bucks on Ebay and you wont beleave the difference.

    I took my Prizm with the 950 coil out to a field my group has hunted three times. Poped a 41S wheat penny at 6 inches. The pinpointing with the 950 is right on the money.

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    Feb 2005
    SE Indiana
    4 times

    Re: just some thoughts...

    Hey you can get a new XLT for around $400 bucks which isnt much more than the prism series. The DFX is around $800. If you go much larger in coil size it will drive ya nuts f you hunt parks or high traffic areas



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