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Thread: Which side of coin wears?

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    Which side of coin wears?

    I am trying to pull a date from a nickel content indian head penny where the wreath side is in much better shape. I have run into the same issue with 2 cent coins and large cents.

    Unfortunately I have not paid attention to how it came out of the ground. My curiosity wonders which side gets the wear, top or bottom?
    I would think the top. Has anyone noticed?

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    I don't think it is so much that the coin wears more on one side, as the imprint depth and pattern is different.

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    I believe that the side of the coin that is facing upward wears worse. The rain trickles down through the ground, along with fertilizer, road salt, or whatever else is around, and causes that side to "decay" (coppers and nickels, not silver). The side that is face down is shielded from this, so it looks less worn. IMO.
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    the side that is upwards facing in the ground --I the "up"would think would face the effects of acid rain and such much more than the bottom would --thus the top facing side would be in worse shape than the bottom facing side .

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    I agree with the pattern suggestion.

    Though I have an Indian Head Cent I found on a riverbank where it was resting exposed on a shale shelf. The face is totally smooth while the reverse is in pretty decent shape.

    I don't think once they hit the soil they pick up much additional wear. That occurs in pockets, purses and handling. But that's just my opinion. Beaches with loose sand may be a whole nuther story.
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