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    Jan 2008
    Fairmont, West Virginia
    Bounty hunter Discovery 2200

    Coil Covers Good or Bad?


    I was thinking of getting a coil cover, but was unsure if it is a good idea. Do they effect the operation of the detector? Any insight on the subject is greatly appreciated.

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    Sep 2007
    Sweet Home, Oregon
    Primarily my Fisher cz-70 and Compass Relic & Coin, plus many others
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    Re: Coil Covers Good or Bad?

    When using a TR it may be necessary to scrub the ground to get more depth by rubbing the coil on the ground as closely as possible, but this is not true when there are no ground minerals such as saline or iron ores, etc. If there is nothing but pure silica then there is no reason to need to try that hard to get that close to the soil. Those days are gone now, hardly anybody but a few of we old collectors ever use an old TR now. VLF's are by far more successful in depth, target location and discrimination by searching 1-2 inches off the actual ground (1" of turf plus 1" of air =2"). George Payne, Erik foster, and Jack Gifford have all written scrolls about this subject explaining the hows and whys of searching 1-2" AWAY from the ground with VLF's and not scrubbing it.

    ALL current VLF'x (including Minelabs, Garrett, and White's multi-frequencies) are designed to operate best when not disturbing the ground exclusion balance of the detectors. If someone scrubs the ground with a detector he or she defeats the electronically designed parameters for these detectors which operate at a -5% to a + 5% over/under the prescribed positive and negative voltages used and controlled by a capacitive discharge circuits to keep the null and self adjusting threshold at bay, and to not overload it. When you scrub a coil with a VLF you take away the very good properties built into the detectors.

    I suppose that if one beats the ground with his detector or likes to wear the coil out by using his coil as a scrub brush (just for fun) that it may be better to use several layers of coil covers to overcome his compulsive behavior, but usually most people don't do that.

    The fact simply put is, that current detectors of the VLF variety work better and deeper when searching 1-2" off the ground, not right on top of it. They are designed that way.

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    Jan 2007
    Mesquite Texas
    MXT F2
    13 times

    Re: Coil Covers Good or Bad?

    I stopped using them because I got tired of taking them off to clean them out, and after thinking about it once, I wondered if they actually offered additional protection or just kept the bottom from getting scratched up. I never tried sealing them.

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    Oct 2005
    Northern, Michigan
    willow stick
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    Re: Coil Covers Good or Bad?

    Quote Originally Posted by Andy_WV

    I was thinking of getting a coil cover, but was unsure if it is a good idea. Do they effect the operation of the detector? Any insight on the subject is greatly appreciated.
    The only problem is when dirt gets inside the cover. With Tesoro detectors a coil cover is almost essential since the company sort of forgot to finish the bottom half of the coil. I've used them without a cover but stony ground can really tear them up fast without a cover.

    Minelab makes a super high quality coil and the material is so tuff a cover isn't always needed.

    Will a cover reduce depth? This has been argued on this forum since the beginning. I believe it does rob one of maybe 1/2 to 1 inch of depth. Some say less and others more.

    So, if you want to play it safe use a cover.

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    Jan 2008
    Fairmont, West Virginia
    Bounty hunter Discovery 2200

    Re: Coil Covers Good or Bad?

    Well, I am using a cheap Bounty Hunter Discovery 2200 from radio shack and on second thought I believe I will just save the money I would have spent to purchase a better detector in the future. I purchased this detector due to the such cheap price last year. I gave $50.00 for it brand new at radio shack. It was marked down from $199.00. My friend who works there told me about the great deal when he heard me complainting about losing a couple of arrows in the yard. I bought it and haven't had any trouble finding any lost arrows since. It has paid for it self after just one year of archery season, not that I am a bad shot. LOL. This is what got me into metal detecting. I actually was finding coins, shotgun shells, nails and many other whatsits while I was searching for an arrow. I started enjoying using the detector as much as archery practice and after a couple of weeks of archery practice the stray arrows was few and far between. Needless to say, archery season is over here in west virginia and I most likley will not pick up my bow until september or later so I am really enjoying the new hobby. I am supprised how much I can find with my cheapo and would really love to see what I could find with a better model.


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    Feb 2006
    South Central Upstate NY in the foothills of the headlands
    Minelab Musketeer Advantage Pro w/8" & 10" DD coils/Fisher F75se(Upgraded to LTD2) w/11" DD, 6.5" concentric & 9.5" NEL Sharpshooter DD coils/Sunray FX-1 Probe & F-Point/Black Widows/Rattler headphone
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    Re: Coil Covers Good or Bad?

    Recovered the front 1/3 of my arrow (a steel broadhead on a cedar shaft) with my metal detector after a pass-through this fall. ;-)

    Also found that a deer's kidneys and the top of the stomach where the esophagus enters are "hot" and set off a detector in All Metal as iron. I divided each section of the gut-pile looking for the broad head before I had halved it many times and finally got no reading. Odd. (And ickhy).

    Whenever I don't know where the broadhead is I sweep the carcass as a favor to my butcher. Grabbing a broadhead can ruin your whole day.

    Anyway, I use coil covers because I hunt in a lot of rocky spots - that is, woods that contain the occasional almost buried rock. A coil strike can be pretty hard when sweeping fast. I also clean out the covers regularly - not every outing but whenever they get a good dirting up.
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    Feb 2005
    Menominee, Michigan
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    Re: Coil Covers Good or Bad?

    i dont like them, trapped sand inside can mess with your stability
    where's the good stuff

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    Aug 2007
    West Michigan
    minelab, tesoro
    14 times

    Re: Coil Covers Good or Bad?

    Hey Andy I started out the same way you did. I was given a RadioShack unit and used it primarily for lost arrows, still do use it for that purpose. But I've had four detectors since. I've got a Soveriegn and a Tesoro now. Oh and I do use coil covers on both.

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    Nov 2006
    N.E. Ohio on lake Erie
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    Re: Coil Covers Good or Bad?

    I posted on this forum a long time ago that coil covers were not needed any more. A teck from Garrett told me that. He said with these new coils a coil cover was not needed. Then i said i don't use them why waste my money..............Then did i get the flack from members of the forum coil covers you need them they are a nessary you have to have them.......If you don't buy them you are going to put the dealers out of bussiness............................I don't use them WHY i don't need them......==Jim==
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    D. Meeker

    Mar 2006
    Gulf Coast, Fl
    Blue Xcals and CTX
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    Re: Coil Covers Good or Bad?

    I hunt all over the country. Im currently in AZ and beleave me i wouldnt hunt without a coil cover here. The rocks really hack it up. Im one of those who get close to the soil. As far as depth loose you loose more in your setting or letting them get filled with dirt. Im not in a hurry to pay over $200 for a new coil just because mine was broken. I know you can put epoxy on them, but to each his own... your money spend it wisely.
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    Apr 2003
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    Re: Coil Covers Good or Bad?

    What kind of "FUN" could a guy have if when his treasure buddy takes a break, you were to slip off his coil cover & duct tape a quarter over the coil's "sweet-spot"---then put the cover back on ? HMMM . I wonder ! Just thinking ( & Typing ) out loud.

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    Dec 2007
    Whites DFX, Tesoro Cibola, Garrett GTA1000, GTAX550, ACE250, Fisher 1212, Minelab X-terra, Whites DFX
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    Re: Coil Covers Good or Bad?

    Coil covers good - Scratches bad!
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    Jun 2005
    Chippewa Falls
    Whites Eagle SL II, Whites PRL-1, (3) Whites DFX's, Whites Coinmaster 4G, Whites Silver Eagle, 2010 Whites Coinmaster, Fisher 1212-X, Fisher 1225-X
    23 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: Coil Covers Good or Bad?

    I have coils on all my machines and swear by them. They protect your coils.

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    May 2005
    31 times

    Re: Coil Covers Good or Bad?

    In the academies many books, at the circus many sacks of peanuts, at the club rooms many cigar butts.

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    Jun 2007
    ACE 250,Whites prism2
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    Re: Coil Covers Good or Bad?

    I wonder if anyone has thought about getting your coils RHINO LINED--or a similar spray on rubberized material

    i have thought it would be a good idea in the past,but not sure if it would affect the detector in a negative way

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