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Thread: Native American campsite? Part 2

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    Apr 2009
    Cornfield, IN
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    Native American campsite? Part 2

    Howdy again,

    The chopper was around 120 yards from where my son and I found the other two points. After my son and I found those two points in two days, I was really hooked and so was he (he just turned 7). So several days after we'd found the two points from my earlier post, my two sons (my younger son is 5) and I decided to go looking between those areas and only found a busted point which is at 12 o'clock in the photo below...
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    We had some friends up for a weekend in early May since my friend's girlfriend is really big into arrowhead hunting. The field had been disked and we hadn't gotten any rains, but we went looking above the pond anyway, not really expecting to find much due to the conditions. Fortunately, I was wrong! I found the one at 2 o'clock about 20 feet from the pond at the edge of the field and a couple of minutes later, my wife found the one at 5 o'clock about 15 feet from where I'd just found the gray one. It was her first ever find which was really cool! The next day, my friend found one that looks similar to the one that my son found in a different part of the field and he was super happy because he said that he was never any good at finding arrowheads and it was probably the first one he'd found since he was eleven (he's 40 now) ...
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    After my friends left on Sunday afternoon, I went walking the field around that same area where he'd found his. I had found the broken tip of something that would have been beautiful near where he'd found the little purple one, so I thought I'd go looking for its base and instead found the little white LeCroy with a broken arm (it's the one on the right in the photo below).
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    I didn't go out for several days since it hadn't rained, but as soon as it rained, my sons and I were out looking again above the pond. My 5 year-old son found the LeCroy on the left. A couple of days later I went back above the pond and found the blunt (at 7 o'clock in the above photo) probably right on top of where my wife found her point. Since it was getting dusk, I began walking back to the house and found the white point (at 10 o'clock in the above photo) about 35 feet to the south of where we'd found the blunt, the gray one, and my wife's.

    In the center of the "star" in the top photo is my wife's "petrified walnut" that my wife found above the pond that I'd mentioned in the previous post. It is approximately the size of a walnut and upon close examination, it has some small, parallel scratches in one area, which you can somewhat see in the gray area in the center if you zoom in on it. I saw some similar stones that were flat on one side and mostly a bit smaller than her's at a Native American artifacts show and asked about them, after describing my wife's stone. They said that they were "knapping stones". My sons and I have found several smaller ones above the pond as well, like the ones on either side of the nickel in the photo above. They've all got the small, parallel scratches or an oddly worn surface on at least one part of the stone (i.e. obviously not farm implement damage). I also found the item below which some folks at the artifact show said was most likely the wing of a bannerstone that had been broken and perhaps tied back together with the binding running through the groove. I'm not sure about that though, because the groove doesn't line up perfectly on both sides. Someone suggested that it was being turned into a pendant?? This was found in that same area above the pond. Any thoughts are welcomed.
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    Again, any identification of types, ages, materials in the above photos would be greatly welcomed, as well as your thoughts about the "bannerstone", "knapping stones" and "walnut". I think that the gray one is a Hardin and that the blunt and my wife's serrated point might be Palmers, but I'm not certain of that. Thanks for looking. We also found a grinding stone and a broken pestle on the other side of the field, as well as another broken point in the area around the pond which I'll put up in a forthcoming post.

    Kindest regards,
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    Mar 2018
    Todds Point, IL
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    Nice finds. Wing of a banner? It just might be. Gary
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    May 2014
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    Nice finds , I have a field like that and every time it rains it produces who knows what else will turn up for you good luck
    I would rather see an authentic broken scraper posted than a G-10 Artifake!

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    Apr 2009
    Cornfield, IN
    F-22, pinpointer
    263 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Thanks Gary and arrow86.

    My point in posting this stuff was to share my finds with you all, as well as to see what the experts here think and whether y'all think there was a campsite above our pond. I think that there was, because I've never been good at finding artifacts and I've always kept my eyes on the ground while walking fields and rock bars in creeks. All but 3 of the finds came from an area with about a 50-60' radius. Another nice point was found in that same area as was a broken one when we were building the house, but I don't have photos of them. This grinding stone(?) and broken pestle were found approximately 175 yards away...
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_1262.JPG 
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    I'll share my finds from other fields in another post or two later. Nothing spectacular, but exciting for me.

    Kindest regards,



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