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    This is good site for anyone who wants to listen

    Anyone that lives in North Carolina or in the Greenville/Grimsland area has heard of or knows were Tranter's Creek is. If not here is a little history and some true facts.

    1st everyone has heard of the infamous pirate edward teach "blackbeard" and that he sailed his ship all along the tar river, do some reasearch and you will find that in Grimsland north carolina there is an old plantation called the grimes plantation the house has alot of history, it was home to sussie white whom was none other than blackbeards sister, he would dock his ship on the tar river and go visit his sister while hiding from rebel ships. It has long been said that he buried some of his treasure on that land "somewhere".
    Secondley General Grimes of the civil war owned the house after sussie white and after his term in the war turned the house into the grimes plantation. Both General Grimes and Sussie White are buried behind this house. I have asked several times if I could MD on this property but always the answer of NO like someone's trying to hide something.

    Tranter's Creek seperates the Pitt and Beufort county line this infamous creek is known for the "Battle of Tanter's Creek" June 5th 1862 but what alot of people dont know is that further down the creek were the highway 264 crosses the county line there is alot of history there as well.
    1st in doing reasearch on the battle it speaks of two bridges that crossed the creek were troops were sent to to defend against the enemy, under the 4lane bridge "Hwy264" are 2 sets of very old pillars only wide enough for maybe a horse and carriage to fit down, so if this is were troops from the civil war actully came and they were shot and killed that means there most likley still there probably below the silk in the creek as it is about 20 feet deep.
    2nd further down about 2 miles only accesable by boat is an old mill pond with the same kind of pillars in the pond possible holding the mill lath up, a large mills stone looks to be around 2 tons, several old sunken in "lowspots" I am guessing that these are from were the mill workers threw trash away and over time it has sunk in the ground,several large moonshining kettle's and who knows what else, I have to wait for the winter early january or feb. b4 I can walk around and detect because since the 1800's this land has turned very,very SNAKEY and wet.

    Hope you have enjoyed this when i first found these places my heart almost jumped through my chest with excitement.

    Oh yea please share you samilar storys HH
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    Re: This is good site for anyone who wants to listen

    interesting story matthew thanks for sharing maybe we will run into eachother some day



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