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    Boys Home Guthrie

    From what I understand the Home may have been purchased recently and being converted into a private home....but it wouldnt hurt to find out and see if you could detect it.....

    The abandoned boys home is that it was erected when Guthrie was the territorial capital of Oklahoma, which would place the buildings beginnings between 1889 and 1910. In 1910, after much political upheaval, the capital was moved to Oklahoma City. I also know that after the boys home was shut down, the Freemasons bought the building and used it for whatever reasons. I believe the boys home shut down in the 30's during the depression and the Freemasons bought it sometime during WW2 (I am not sure when all this took place, this is just an estimate). the Freemasons used the building until the late 60's, but left for unknown reasons,The building has been vacant ever since the Freemasons abandoned it.

    This place is located on College Ave. in Guthrie, OK. It's foundations are within the city limits of Guthrie

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    Boys will be boys: The Guthrie Masonic Boys Home

    Everyone knows about the haunted orphanage in Guthrie. But does everyone know why it is haunted? The story goes like this:

    There was a very mean head mistress, who once was punishing a 6-year-old boy and beat him to death. She buried his body in the basement.

    When she was questioned, she said that the boy had run off when threatened with punishment.

    Three years went by and four more boys mysteriously vanished. Then plumbing in the orphanage went out. The head mistress knew that the basement would have to be disturbed to fix the plumbing problem. She began to move the bodies. A custodian got curious about her strange actions. He followed her down to the basement where he saw her digging up the remains of the boys.

    It is also reported that an employee of the boys home hanged himself in the bell tower.

    These and other atrocities at the boys home are the apparent cause of the legendary haunting of the Guthrie orphanage.

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    Hawk and Parr, Architects, was selected as the firm to design the Children’s Home, and later the Home for the Aged as well. Campbell and Price, of Oklahoma City, was selected as the contractor.

    The Home moves to Guthrie. (106 children) (15 adults) Everyone is moved into the “Old Statehouse”.


    After commenting on how well the children in the Home are doing in Guthrie, Grand Master Henry S. Johnston commented on the importance of establishing a separate Home for the Aged rather than continuing to house the two populations together.

    “The old people must be gotten out of the Home. Elderly men smoke and chew and swear and old men and elderly men and elderly women both grouch and complain, and the very playfulness which makes a boy the delight of a parent, the sunbeam of a home, renders him an object of aversion to some elderly persons who are not related to the boy or interested in him, especially when his noise and play clashes with their past habits of life or the condition of nerves of the elderly person.”

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