garret gravity trap 7 inch pan
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    Feb 2013
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    garret gravity trap 7 inch pan

    So i got this pan to help me clean up. But i think i still like using my 14 inch est wing to help me with the small stuff. Is there any technique to using such a small pan with such a small bottom to help me get use to it? I like the deep traps the garret pan has but i feel like it's just to small.

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    I have it reversed.

    I have 14" Garrett Gravity drop pans for the thick stuff and the Keene (Est Wing is the same thing, just Black instead of blue) 10" pan to clean up with.

    I have safety panned many many times with both and I almost NEVER lose gold with the garrett but I do lose gold with the Keene/Est Wing if I go from a full pan down if I work at the same pace. I find that the Keene/Est Wing pans need more patients.
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    I suspect you mean the Garrett 10 inch pan? I also like the Garretts. The 14" has a nice 1/4 "bowl" in the bottom but the 10 inch does not. Still, both are nice. I also like the Gold Catcher by GPAA. The Garrett "Super Sluice" is good for moving alot of dirt while sampling. TTC
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    Feb 2013
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    Thanks for the advice y'all. I'm going to get a 14' Garrett pan when I'm at the prospecting store next time. I originally went to the store last time to get a sniffer bottle but they were out. So i ended up with the little Garrett pan by the time i left lol. Should of spent the two extra dollars and got the big one. What do you guys think of the turbo pan?

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    Feb 2013
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    I meant 14''lol



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