Whites M6 in beach mode
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    Whites M6 in beach mode

    Hey everyone , I'm looking for some help. I have had my Whites M6 for about a year now and would like to try out the "beach mode ". I have only used it twice at the beach and didn't have much luck . What is the best way to use this mode? SENS , DISC... any tips would be great !!
    Thank you any info,
    Glen in San Jose , California
    Always looking for that next ring !!

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    Re: Whites M6 in beach mode

    I use the MXT. Rarely do beach hunting, but when I do I use my little 5.3" coil.
    I enjoy relic hunting mostly with my 14" DD in relic mode . I have hearing lose and find that two tones in relic simplify things for me.

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    Re: Whites M6 in beach mode

    Glen, start with the DISC at or just below 1. Set the SENS as close to 100 without it giving the overload signal.

    Keep in mind that you will be digging pull tabs with the DISC set at 1 but that is also where you need to be if you want to score the gold.

    Best of luck, we expect pics


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    Re: Whites M6 in beach mode

    I had my M6 at the beach last summer and it worked well in the beach setting but...away from the water. It screamed if I got near the waters edge. Any time it touched of the wet sand or sea water, it just screamed....!!!!!!!! In fresh water in Ohio it worked fine.

    You can turn the sensitivity down some and that may work better but my mode is NO discrimination and max sensitivity. Those settings work great and I miss nothing. I asked Whites and they said running in max mode is no problem and it does not run the battery down. I get a long time on my batteries.


    Whites M-6



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