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    newbie with a $3.00 MD

    Hi all , I've been reading this website for about a month ............ completely awesome ......... even more awesome is all your wonderful finds CONGRATS . I had MD when i was A young lad, had the bug going found the usual clad and junk , but was really fun . then the md died on me . so I was done as a detectorist , until recently my wife and i was looking on ebay and found a cheapy for $40 won the auction , and i was feeling like a kid again wishing i had the MD right now . So after the auction and some coffee we went to some garage sales found a old Jetco treasure hawk MD for $3.00 i was so stoked . later that day i went out and found some junk tabs etc. and 2 nice fishing lures value about $8.00. then went fishing with some friends .... caught 3 bass .... 2 lil guys and one 2lber . come home have dinner . look on ebay again (one of my hobbies) and what do i find the same jetco i bought earlier , 2 days later i goes for a whopping $62.09. hmmmmmmmmmmmm wondering if i should list mine , well not until i get this Other MD figured out , anyways one heck of a day . sorry so long . happy detecting , find it , its there .

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    Jan 2006
    8 times

    Re: newbie with a $3.00 MD

    Welcome to TNET! Definitely figure out how the $40 detector works,get comfortable with it and if you still want you can sell the $3.00 detector. It's also good as a back up for only $3.00. Good luck,find some stuff and post pictures.

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    Oct 2005
    Charleston S.C.
    9 times

    Re: newbie with a $3.00 MD

    Found Some Of My First CW Relics With A JETCO Detector About 35Yrs Ago. Best Of Luck & Good Hunting. trk5capt...

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    bk is offline
    Seeker of Fortune

    Jan 2005
    SE Minnesota
    Minelab Explorer SE pro, Minelab Explorer XS, Garrett Freedom II (3), Garrett pro-pointer.
    18 times
    Metal Detecting
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    Re: newbie with a $3.00 MD

    I too started out with a Jetco Mustang. That was 32 years ago. I've been hooked ever since.
    Welcome to the obsession.

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    Mar 2005
    15 times

    Re: newbie with a $3.00 MD

    Welcome back to the madness.

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    Angela (Australia)

    Re: newbie with a $3.00 MD

    Welcome back to the best hobby you can have! It hasn't let me down.

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    Re: newbie with a $3.00 MD

    ty for the replies , i will have my wife post pics of my finds . also when i found the lures i found a 1996 P nickle , wooooooooo hooooooooooooo gotta love free money , also anyone wanting 2 team up that is in the northeast pa area im 90 minutes from erie on the pa / ny border (bradford)

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    Re: newbie with a $3.00 MD

    sorry northwest , rough day lack of sleep lol

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    Mar 2005
    London, ON
    38 times

    Re: newbie with a $3.00 MD

    That's all right - just capitalize Northeast and you're close.

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    May 2006
    Tesoro Vaquero
    3 times

    Re: newbie with a $3.00 MD

    Quote Originally Posted by NORTHEAST HUNTER
    Welcome back to the madness.
    Welcome back to the frankness too
    Life is a big doo sandwich and we all have to take a bite, savvy?

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    Gypsyheart~ Queen of Rust

    Nov 2005
    208 times

    Re: newbie with a $3.00 MD

    Wow that was a great buy! And you will have it paid for with your finds in no time!!!!
    Welcome to our crazy little world!
    I go a great distance,while some are considering whether they will start today or tomorrow

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    Feb 2005
    Bavaria Germany
    Minelab XT70, Fisher 1280, Garrett Ace 250 and MH5
    134 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: newbie with a $3.00 MD

    Welcome to the forum. That's an antique in the electronics world, LOL! HH, Mike

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    Jan 2005
    Great Falls, Montana
    White's DFX & a Sunray probe
    19 times
    Relic Hunting
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    Re: newbie with a $3.00 MD

    Hey, neighbor, Welcome to TreasureNet. You've joined the best forum on the web.

    Learn your machine and you'll make some great finds. Alot of neat victorian houses in Bradford.....I'm sure there's some old coins in those yards.

    By the way, I'm from Northwestern PA, too. 8)

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    Charter Member
    Oct 2005
    Summerville, South Carolina
    Tesoro "Eldorado", Whites "Beach Hunter ID",
    9 times
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    Re: newbie with a $3.00 MD

    Good day on the fish, detector, and welcome to treasurenet, Art...



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