[BANNER] HOW did this survive 150 years in a Virginia Trench??!?
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Thread: HOW did this survive 150 years in a Virginia Trench??!?

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    Feb 2013
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    HOW did this survive 150 years in a Virginia Trench??!?

    Thought these were all disolved to dust by now, but popped this one out of a Virginia Trench today Three ringer with full, intact pigskin powder bag. Still full of powder. Clean sand must've helped.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_4140.JPG 
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Name:	IMG_4141.JPG 
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    Then a couple of feet away, I pull out a Maryland Cross Kepi pin! Digging buddy told me these were pretty rare. I can't find a dug one on the web. Anybody know just HOW rare? And were these worn by Union Maryland, or Confederate Maryland or both? Solder points for two attachment pins are present on the back.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_4148.JPG 
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Name:	IMG_4147.JPG 
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    10 or 12 bullets and a couple more bullets-in-wood rounded out the day.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_4144.JPG 
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Name:	IMG_4145.JPG 
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Name:	IMG_4146.jpg 
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    I haven't posted in WEEKS because I wasn't finding anything worth sharing. But I'm stinkin' HAPPY today!

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    Feb 2008
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    Well , the Kepi pin may be rare , but I've never seen anything like the 3 ringer w/intact powder bag and powder - that has got to be a
    BANNER find and I'm very happy to be the first to offer it ! Seriously with the millions of 3 ringers that get posted up here , has
    anybody ever posted one with the powder bag and the powder ? No way !!! BANNER all the way !!!

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    Feb 2013
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    That is pretty cool. Couple of months ago, I saw remnants of a paper cartridge and powder that was pulled from a found Enfield barrel, but what you found is amazing.

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    Jun 2011
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    that is amazing. fantastic find, and one you will never forget

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    Aug 2013
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    Wow! That is amazing. Incredible that it survived intact all these years. You have my banner vote!

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    Jan 2007
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    That's a great question PW. Incredible find given the brass cartridges are seldom found intact in our area. HH, Q.
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    Oct 2009
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    Yes , the Md. Kepi hat device is interesting . Is Maryland a guess or did you find it somewhere ?

    The pigskin surviving 150 years underground is defying all the natural elements and is Supernatural .

    How is that possible


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    Mar 2011
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    Amazing finds and, I'm sure, a memorable day for you! Congratulations!
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    Dec 2013
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    nice save, I'm sure there's not many of them left in the ground. Congrats on your finds.

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    May 2012
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    Very nice fine

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    Jul 2012
    Houston Texas
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    The 3 ringer looks like a museum piece to me.

    You got my banner vote.
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    Jan 2009
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    That is very cool. I was thinking the only wood to even possibly find bullets like that are in Chestnut and cedar. I found one a few years ago in wood and felt lucky. You found two and pigskin. You are in the land that time forgot. That Keppi should have had the hat attached, J/K really stellar artifacts. Thanks for the view.
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    Jun 2008
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    Great find Walker! Thanks for sharing...
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    May 2013
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    Amazing and it deserves a banner vote

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    Old Tom Cat.

    Jan 2013
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    I must agree with Tmts.
    I have only found 1 minie in wood & that was in 1998 or 1999, but if I recall right you have found several lately , I believe you said the area is kinda Swampy or wet. & For that pig skin cartridge to still be intact , is Amazing.

    Don't know if your hunting the same area you were a month or so ago but it's an awesome site with wonderful soil conditions .
    The Badge is AWESOME as well.
    Thanks for the pic,s


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