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Thread: Silver Trime,Civil War token, more military shakos,buttons and relics

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    Nice bunch of finds!

    The 'I' '1' looks more like a broken 'M'
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    Quote Originally Posted by staceyanne View Post
    These are so cool!! Could the last thing be an epaulette top? Since you found a chain part of a fancy hat or jacket, maybe the embossed flat thing is the shoulder epaulette?
    Thanks staceyanne. It's very possible. For the chain it was something I considered as well, for the epaulette I'm not sure, haven't seen a similar example.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CRUSADER View Post
    Nice bunch of finds!

    The 'I' '1' looks more like a broken 'M'
    Thanks. I think you're right. Found this brass "M" a few years back and it looks very similar.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20190731_090313.jpg 
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    Awesome!!!!! Congrats!!!!
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    Oct 2012
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    You're still pulling out SMOKERS!!!!! SUPER CONGRATZ...........
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikefromIllinois View Post
    What a nice variety of finds. I think the 2 center has to be one of the best conditioned ones I've seen posted on here. Congrats.
    Thanks mikefromIllinois.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pa-dirt_nc-sand View Post
    Your 1,2,3’s are awesome! Extremely cool CW Token and the 2 is in incredible shape, plus lots of history saved. Must have been a blast digging those signals even in the heat. Congrats
    Thanks pa-dirt_nc-sand. It sure helped me to get through, but I must admit I almost gave up a few times. I'm more used to the cold weather and prefer 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 40 degrees Celsius.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Patch View Post
    Great variety and even better condition! The Summer is not stopping you any!
    Here goes my plan to take a break from detecting this summer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brendan75 View Post
    Hi, wow nice hunt with some great finds. Congrats Any one of those finds would have made my day
    Thanks Brendan75
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    Quote Originally Posted by Relicific View Post
    Man if you had your own YouTube channel, you’d have
    A million subscribers in no time.
    Those are superb finds.
    Let’s see what August brings.
    I can see no fun in stopping my hunt to get the camera out every time I have a promising signal, so YouTube channel won't happen. I bet August will be way slower but we'll see.
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    Feb 2014
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    Nice saves!
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    Quote Originally Posted by romeo-1 View Post
    Wow...outstanding finds!
    Thanks romeo
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    Quote Originally Posted by RVRoamer66 View Post
    Wow! You are definitely killing it up that way. Nice finds and pics to share. Congrats again and continued success.
    Thanks RVRoamer66
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    May 2012
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    wow!! great finds. extremely jealous!
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    Quote Originally Posted by xcopperstax View Post
    You have a lot of great finds there! The civil war token is just plain awesome. The 2 Cent is incredible and what a nice coin! There is so much history represented here you could spend hours researching all those buttons. Amazing. The piece that is probably the coolest and pretty unique... don't get me wrong I would be overjoyed to find those coins... The kid on the bike! That is such a cool artifact! The fact that it clearly represents a boneshaker is just amazing. You have to imagine at that time bikes were probably not super common. It would be this thing that you heard about probably through word of mouth or saw in a newspaper. Then one day you see the real thing. Wow what a device!!! I need to find a trime. What part of Canada do you recommend I go to?!!!! Thanks as always for sharing your trove!
    Thanks xcopperstax. That toy is actually one of my favorite finds of the summer. I really like the uncommon relics and this one is clearly one of them.I bet for most kids in 1860's-1870's getting a Bone shaker would be beyond their wildest dreams ( something hard to grasp today with the bicycles being so common), so getting a toy representing a kid riding one was the next best thing.
    I have only found 2 Trimes since I started detecting 5 years ago. Discovered them within 6 weeks of each other, from totally different areas. I believe it's a strange coincidence more than anything else since I haven't changed my style of detecting or modified any settings on my Deus. The best areas I believe would be South Eastern Ontario and Quebec if you really decide to go on a hunt in Canada, but I'm pretty sure you'll have a way better chance in North Eastern US
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