[BANNER] War of 1812 Belt Plate...Marked!!
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Thread: War of 1812 Belt Plate...Marked!!

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    War of 1812 Belt Plate...Marked!!

    Today was a bit of a shocker. I was exploring a modern woods dump hoping for an older bottle or two but it was a total bust. Everything in the dump was less than 50 years old. Right beside the dump was a small clearing right on the side of the road that was open so I decided to do a quick swing before moving on. First couple targets were trash, car parts, a can, crusty iron and I was about to call it when I got a decent signal. Wasn't expecting anything more than trash so I was shocked when I popped the plug and saw what was there. From the shape I knew it had to be a belt plate!

    Sure enough that is exactly what it was. It was well soiled but even at first glance I knew it was marked. I spent a couple hours with a tooth pick and dry tooth brush trying to get the detail out but eventually decided on the hydrogen peroxide. I could see that the incising was deep so thought I had a good chance at good results. I'm actually thrilled with the results!

    War of 1812 era King's German Legion cross belt plate!
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    That is ******* awesome!!!!
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    What a great find --------Banner--------

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    Oct 2014
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    Dang man.....that is SPECTACULAR! And a banner at that.
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    Yeah I am also with a banner.
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    Sweet finds there buddy!
    Great to see your day turn around like that, you were due for something good and you pulled that off!
    Another great centerpiece for your collection.
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    Freaking Awesome!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!! Banner!!!!
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    What a find, congrats! Banner!!!

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    So many old sites to hunt....so little time.

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    Wow. Funny how that works. Just on a whim you decided to swing there. Gotta love this hobby.
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    Oct 2014
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    Outstanding recovery!

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    Wow! Incredible find. Congrats

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    Apr 2020
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    Whoa! The detail is really nice. Your persistence paid off! What a cool find...love the crown and lion symbols!
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