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    Sep 2006
    Minelab Explorer SE SunRay X-1
    4 times

    More Silver !! Plus a lesson learned.

    Hi all,

    Dug up silver 4,5 and 6 over the last couple short hunts with the SE. Same spot, larrrrge area.
    Ill be there all year I think.

    Heres a pic with a handfull of Wheaties included.

    I found plenty of other old trinkets, but gave them to my 14yr old cousin who joined along
    for the fun. 2 different pocket watches (just the internals), plus the outside ring of another pocket watch. (Gold plated, nothing special.) A great old oil truck antique toy car, couple tokens, shotgun shells, old razor and lots of copper/brass gas line tags, some clad.

    The lesson I learned, was for new SE users. I got the quarter in the first pass of an area last hunt,
    and after finding no hotspots elsewhere, I returned there, and found both these dimes. Within
    feet of the quarter plug, and I went all through there. BUT, this time, I went twice as slow, like
    really slow, and both blared out silver no problem in my headphones. I just missed them. So,
    now I know what to do in a good area Also picked out the Wheaties that were pretty deep,
    and I knew they were not silver but pennies before I dug them. Was really nice to be able to
    finally discern the difference. It was a good day. GO SLOW with the SE

    6 silver in the last 4 hunts. 8 hours 'ish. Dozens of wheats. Until next time !!

    Happy hunting !
    I Love Silver !

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    tb is offline

    Mar 2005
    1 times

    Re: More Silver !! Plus a lesson learned.

    Nice job on the silver!

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    Feb 2008
    Santa Fe, New Mexico
    Whites, MXT.
    3321 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: More Silver !! Plus a lesson learned.

    Hey Raptor, Good going ! What a joy to find a hotspot, that may last the year no less , thats exciting !

    I have a question concerning your ability to discern the difference between the dime and the penny with

    the audio, do the minelab SE's have a tone id of some kind ? Thanks, Gregory, Santa Fe.

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    Sep 2006
    Minelab Explorer SE SunRay X-1
    4 times

    Re: More Silver !! Plus a lesson learned.


    Yes, the Explorer series of detectors have a very unique Tone ID system, that plays tones
    like flute music. (really). The DFX I had prior, did this as well, so you could just "hear" your
    targets and know what they were made of (within reasonable range). I had trouble getting the
    DFX to clearly tell me a good target was down there, after a certain depth, as the tone got broken
    and iffy, sounding like trash and EMI. So far, the SE has seemed smoother and less prone to sounding
    bad over a good target. This is most likely the ground and areas I am hunting, and the SE just
    works better in my grounds so far. (Lots of iron and homesite type ground, with plenty of EMI nearby
    usually). Loved the DFX too - but everyone has different ground and enviroments - and the SE likes
    my hunt spots better for sure, I seem to always be right under powerlines LOL.

    Im not quite sure if I hear Wheaties different than clad dimes, but I can definitely tell silver
    dimes from Wheaties. The SE has a crosshair target system, shown on a graph on the screen,
    and I usually glance at it when I hear something good, and I can tell clad dimes from Pennies with that
    usually, but they both sound real good. The silver is a sound all its own, at the pinnacle of the tone
    range you're using, and its soft and doesnt waiver. Quarters sound this way too. Its great to get
    the silver adrenaline rush, when you "know" its most likely silver ! I get right in the zone

    I will say though, that the DFX could identify a penny versus a dime much easier. It does a great job in
    its functional range, at ID'ing targets. However, if you are in an area with nails and iron debris, targets get masked very easily to the DFX. This is where I think the Explorer does its magic. I can hear a coin right with a nail, or iron, and dig it right up. Not really sure how its doing it, but its doing it. Without going into brand wars, I prefer the SE without doubt thus far. Only have 20'ish hours on it, and right out of the gate, it
    was pretty outstanding. But, you have to go much slower. Give / Take. All in what you prefer and how you hunt.

    Its crazy -the confidence level I now have though. That feeling of "doubt" is horrible, and Im sure everyone has felt it. Havent had any of that dragging me down lately, and thats a good thing . It keeps me motivated
    to get out and hunt more more more. Gotta have that anxiousness - nothing better !
    I Love Silver !

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    Aug 2007
    So Illinois
    DFX, Prism5, Minelab SE
    3 times

    Re: More Silver !! Plus a lesson learned.

    Good write up. I also have switched to an SE, learning more everytime I go out. Found my first two old dimes last week. The SE seems to be a much better detector than the dfx. Nice finds also. HH



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