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    my first post and my best find

    Hello all, my first post. I started detecting 3 months ago and I am totally addicted. When I'm not out swinging, I am researching local history and Plats. I have made some nice finds on every hunt (which is every morning at dawn till about noon). I never come home empty handed. So far I have a 1837 large cent, 10 mercury dimes, 1 barber dime, about 30 wheaties, a dozen silver nickles, 6 silver rosies, 3 sterling silver rings, a civil war bullet(there were 2 civil war camps here in town, a civil war button, lots of clad, and quite a few old artifacts. But the coin I am most proud of is an 1863 Civil War Token found at one of the local lakes. I researched it and it is a Indiana Primitive in VF condition. There are only 5 to 9 known to exist. The scan didn't come out too good, sorry. By the way I use a White's XLT. Will post more pics of my other coins soon.
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    Oct 2004
    Washington State
    7 times

    Re: my first post and my best find

    What a tremendous find on the token. You have done well in your first few months, congratulations. Welcome to the forum and thanks for the pictures.
    White's DFX

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    A swingin' fool

    May 2005
    Hudson Falls, NY
    White's Spectrum XLT---Tinytec Ultraluxe probe
    6 times

    Re: my first post and my best find

    Welcome fellow XLT user. It must be awesome to detect as much as you do. You have some fantastic finds there and you must be anxious to go our and find more. Welcome to the forum, hope to see you around.

    GL & HH,

    Upstate NY
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    Re: my first post and my best find

    Those are some awesome finds!!! ?Welcome................ and can't wait to see the other coins!!!! ?

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Nana ?

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    Jun 2005
    1 times

    Re: my first post and my best find

    Good job there my hard hittin metal detecting brother. it seems like you are really on fire there. good job. Brad

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    May 2005
    32 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
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    Re: my first post and my best find

    Youre on FIRE!! great finds !keep posting!HH

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    Jan 2005
    Central Indiana
    3 times

    Re: my first post and my best find

    great find and welcome to the group!wtg

    whites mxt,dd1400 coil

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    Mar 2005
    Vinemont, Alabama
    Garrett Ace 250
    190 times
    Metal Detecting

    Re: my first post and my best find

    All of that in 3 months!? I want to move in next door.
    "Today's the day!" - Mel Fisher

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    Professional Dirtfisher!

    Nov 2004

    Re: my first post and my best find

    Thats amazing, that tokel has to be worth thousands of dollars, u are 2 lucky, well id say that u dont need luck, u just reaseach! HH CS
    It is easier to ask FORGIVENESS than permission.

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    May 2005
    Sunny Central Florida
    Garret Ace 250 w/ 6.5x9, 9x12, & EXcelerator 10x14 DD coils
    3 times

    Re: my first post and my best find

    Wow!!! Congratulations is in order for you!!! Great token. Happy Hunting Groundfishing.

    P.S. I think I finally hit my 50th post

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    Jul 2004
    15 times

    Re: my first post and my best find

    You are off to one heck of a great start, WTG!!!
    That is totally awesome. I live hear in Indy, and I've never heard of this type of coin/token, lol, there are a lot of things I've never heard of, but you get the picture. Very cool...

    Have you found any other info about it? I'll have to do a search now, see what I can find out,, very interesting.
    Good luck, as if ya need it... & Happy hunting~

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    Jan 2005

    Re: my first post and my best find

    I think you have this research thing down to a science. Great finds and you gotta love that XLT. HH
    Doyle Barnett    Bounty Hunter Sharpshooter II  White's XLT

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    May 2005
    Mobile, Alabama

    Re: my first post and my best find

    I also have an XLT; I've had it for a while but seldom use it. I am trying to make the time and I could use some tips on the operation of it. Any tips? Great finds by the way!

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    Re: my first post and my best find

    Great finds groundfishin. Love the token. How about some pictures of the other finds. Lance

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    May 2005
    Ace 250
    8 times

    Re: my first post and my best find

    Share you secrets to research! Please....
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