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    Jun 2008
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    Re: 1877 Indian. WOW

    Congrats and send it to NCS, let them take care of the rest.

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    Nov 2005
    Garrett Infinium LS,White's MXT's and Surf II Lot's-O-Coil's
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    Re: 1877 Indian. WOW

    I must've been jonesen on this one Marty,sorry......Unbelievable find there and Congrat's on the Banner.....right where it should be!!!!! Best of Luck with the clean-up and grading!!!!

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    Sep 2006
    Fremont, Ohio
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    Re: 1877 Indian. WOW

    Great coin man, congratulations on making the banner too!!

    Research and ye shall find!

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    Jan 2008
    Williamsburg, VA
    Whites DFX 300
    2 times

    Re: 1877 Indian. WOW

    Congrats on a really, really nice IH. You can still read the "Liberty" in the headband. Wow, what a great find. GL and HH

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    Sep 2007
    N. San Diego County
    Ace 250
    30 times
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    Re: 1877 Indian. WOW

    Wow, 800 indians.... Thats unheard of. Why so many indians in that park? Congrats on your rare find. That is a survivor for sure

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    Sep 2005
    Cleveland, OH
    11 times

    Re: 1877 Indian. WOW

    Wow. To think that there are still parks out there that produce 30 IH's in a day is a little mind boggling. You would think that they would have been pounded by now - like the parks around Albany, NY.

    As for the now "off limits". It's a shame but I'm glad you got as many as you did before they put the smackdown. The guy that got voilent - did you approach him with the "we will all loose our detecting priveleges" approach? I'm sure it wouldn't have mattered. It is also hard to believe people can be so stupid.

    Anyway - thanks for sharing your spectacular finds. I usually only get about a dozen IH's a year.

    Minelab Exp II, Whites DFX, Whites Classic III(former Tejon, CoinStrike & Quattro user)

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    Thanks for playing. You lose.

    Aug 2006
    smAlbany, NY
    45 times

    Re: 1877 Indian. WOW

    Quote Originally Posted by Mirage
    - like the parks around Albany, NY.
    You aren't kidding. There are a couple of old parks and a number of old mills that are still tucked away in the woods and have been forgotten though. It's just a matter of finding them, but you are right there isn't going to be anywhere to pull 30 indians from in a day (penny pitch area?). So do we know if the reverse of this indian cleaned up or not? The obverse is immaculate.
    Never underestimate the stupidity of people.

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    Aug 2007
    EXCAL 2, SOV. GT
    117 times
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    Re: 1877 Indian. WOW

    I have no clue on earth how I missed this post.. but Marty BIG time congrats, I think I would of fallen over sure.. and from NJ as well... alls I can say is.. Holey Moley... That coin is totally awesome and your one very lucky man.
    Live your life in such a way, that when your feet hit the floor  in the morning, satan shudders and says, OH CHIT, SHE'S AWAKE.

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    Apr 2008
    Eau Claire, WI
    Garrett Ace 250
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    Re: 1877 Indian. WOW

    I found this to be a very insightful post. Not only your good fortune in finding so many IHC's, and the key 1877, but the advise others gave on cleaning, restoring, etc. I had no idea water could be poison to a dug coin, I had heard about the cleaning wiht olive oil then not being able to use any other methods due to the oil being absorbed by the porous metal.
    It's a shame that worthless so-and-so became angry and violent, and NO, citing that crap like this could ruin for everyone wouldn't have worked on a numbskull like that. I probably would have just said "You're an ("I" word that has been erased from my posts in the past, although I was referring to MYSELF then)" Too bad about losing this hot spot, good luck in your trying to reclaim your hunting grounds. Peace..
    Don't let the truth get in the way of a good story.

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    Aug 2008

    Re: 1877 Indian. WOW

    Nice coin! I have found 2 1877, they make for a nice day. I do not know when you posted this, but hope you have not harmed the coin. My brother, and I have been detecting for some time, over 30 years, and have one of those old recreation areas in the woods in Massachusetts that we have been pulling indians out for over ten years. Your coin is beautiful ! use spagetti to clean. Because it is is softer then the copper it will not damage it. you will clean all that crud off the front. As for the back it may work as well, but without the coin in hand, and giving it a run the back is an unknown. Most indiand I work come very clean, but some are very fussy. Do not use anything costick as you most likley will damage your coin. I recomend, and chalenge the coin hunters to try spegetti----------- You will love it! However, I can not take credit for the Idea, my brother found it on the internet when I was looking to clean my first 1877.

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    Dec 2006
    San Diego
    Bounty Hunter Tracker IV
    3 times
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    Re: 1877 Indian. WOW

    HOLY CRAP that is a SWEET coin. Great find.
    "A man's GOT to know his limitations." -Dirty Harry

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    **Bring History Back to Life**

    Nov 2005
    Keep on Digging!
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    66 times
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    Re: 1877 Indian. WOW

    Congrats.......Scratch one 1877 Indian head off the (Items find list) Nice job!
    Keep on Digging!

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    Dec 2008

    Re: 1877 Indian. WOW

    I have found a coin like this. It's the size of a silver dollar, copper with a nickle coating. The reverse is the same as the Buffalo nickle. It is in very good condition, the word 'liberty' on the headress band is still complete and the lines on the edge are all there. It has a slight bend as though it had something heavy had fallen on it while it rested on soft earth or sand. I have an old coin book that shows pictures of 1877 half-dimes, only the book only shows the face side and the indian head is different than what you see here. I'll try and get some pics up soon. Also, there is no mint mark. The e plurbus unum over the buffalo's back is still legible on my coin.

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    Jul 2007
    Portland, Michigan
    Minelab Explorer II
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    Re: 1877 Indian. WOW

    Outstanding date! WTG!

    Banner for sure!

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    Oct 2008
    New Jersey
    Whites DFX w/ Sunray pinpointer, Minelab CTX3030
    18 times

    Re: 1877 Indian. WOW

    Great find!!!!
    Finally in the 1700s


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