Suwannee river confederate payroll...
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    Suwannee river confederate payroll...

    Does anyone here have any info on or ever tried to find the payroll shoved overboard in the Suwannee? I am sure many have looked for it over the yrs. Any info would be appricated as I am going to make my stab at it later this yr..

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    Re: Suwannee river confederate payroll...

    Sail: It seems to me that I remember two kids recovering 2400 Gold Coins while Lobster Hunting! I believe it was Seminole War Payroll Cash!

    Is that the same Story? Good Luck!

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    Re: Suwannee river confederate payroll...

    I dont think so,
    As the story goes.....
    This was a confederate gunship from Galveston, Texas bringing 25 million in gold. Her destination was to be Havana Cuba , transfered to a british ship and taken to London. It is speculated that if the fortune would have gotten thru it would have extended the war 10 yrs or more.
    But a union agents got wind of the plot and informed the Northern naval authorites who had warships waiting to tail the confederate vessel.
    Realizing thier ca[ture was near the confederae captain isued orders to head for the Suwannee river.
    The crew jettisoning the gold overboard as they ran for safety. The boat ran aground at a turn in the river and the capt gave the abandon ship order.
    So the botom of the Suwannee... it is said... is littered with rebel gold. Waiting for a lucky individual to find it

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    Re: Suwannee river confederate payroll...

    Either way, welcome aboard Sailrunner.

    Glad to have you with us. This is the best treasure hunting/metal detecting site on the web. A lot of friendly and very knowledgable folks are here.
    What part of this great country are you from.
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    Re: Suwannee river confederate payroll...

    Thanks for the greeting CHKNHAK..
    I am in the Panhandle of Florida , near Pensacola. Have many beaches and places to hunt here. But the Suwannee river hoard has had my attention for yrs.

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    Re: Suwannee river confederate payroll...

    Various treasure books have many accounts of Possible treasure in or near the Suwannee River.I don't remember one that had that amount aboard. I read that in 1953, a fellow named Snead found a chest or two in the river that totaled over 4000 gold coins and over 3000 silver coins.

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    Re: Suwannee river confederate payroll...

    Thanks for the reply capt...I am refering out of the book..
    Florida shipwreck treasures
    by L. Frank Hudson

    Winner Enterprises
    1986 Erwin Lampert

    I am going hopefully in March or there abouts. If nothing else the Suwannee river basin is a beatuiful spot to spend a week or so.
    Anyone else interested in joining me? The more the merrier..

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    Re: Suwannee river confederate payroll...

    Please excuse my ignorance, but would this treasure (supposing any of it were still around) fall under that ridiculous Florida law about the rivers and removing "State Property"?? I think I shall always be rather paranoid about that now that it's such a big thing.



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