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Thread: Loot of Lima and my Grandfathers Diary

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    Jan 2012
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    Cocos Isle Information Loot of Lima

    Loot of Lima and my Grandfathers Diary

    I was going threw some of my Grandfather and Great Uncle's belongings while getting ready far a yard sale. I came across a Journal written by my Grandfather regarding a Cocos Island Expedition in 1947 along with James Forbes, Charles Forbes and John Forbes. The journal details the journey through Mexico to South America where the flew to San Jose. There is also mention of a Mr. V.A. Keith. Details of when they got underway to Cocos Island and about the crew eating like hogs wasting food and engine trouble aboard ship which caused them to drift off shore due to an engine bearing. Then details how my Grandfather spotted the Isle 50 miles off course and convinced the captain to head for it. Talks about catching yellowtail and at one my point my Grandfather dives in the water after a 7' shark. Details on the climate, insects. The Journal ends with an entry of how My Grandfather was surveying the side of a cliff with a metal detector with a rope around his waist. I have no idea why the Journal abruptly ends, but it does provide a nice visualization of the trek up until that point. In my Great Uncle's scrap book there is a receipt for investment of $25 towards the expedition with a promise of return should the treasure be recovered. My Grandfather is of Portuguese descent. Apparently James Forbes had a treasure map that was handed down to him from his Grandfather who was a Pirate that helped stash the Loot of Lima. As story goes, the treasure consists of jewels, doubloons, and pieces of life size solid gold. Simon Bolivars march on Lima in 1820 caused the treasure, known as the "Loot of Lima" to be put aboard the English Merchantman "Mary Dear," which was later hijacked to Cocos Island by the pirate James Forbes. I am really curious to contact anyone with any information regarding descendants of James, Charles or John Forbes or information regarding the Loot of Lima, I am really interested in a possible expedition.

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    Re: Loot of Lima and my Grandfathers Diary

    Be aware that there have been hundreds of expeditions to the islands since the 1800's. And that treasure hunting on the island is now illegal.

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    Re: Loot of Lima and my Grandfathers Diary

    Hi Ks,

    there is quite a longish account of the lima treasure and the various expeditions to recover it in a book published this side of the pond, but you will probably be able to get it on a inter library loan,
    or cheaply on amazon or the other large booksellers such as Albis,
    its called a Treasure seekers treasury (very original ! )
    the authors name is Roy Norvill, isbn number, 0 09 131330 9

    it has 13 closely printed pages on the treasure, and includes a mention of the Forbes expedition,

    and Allan is correct the gov't no longer allow treasure hunters to go to the island, it is almost impossible to get on it other than as a bonifidi wildlife researcher from an acredited museum or other educational establishment,, even tourists are no longer allowed to land, and to make sure they have a few well armed soldiers stationed there,


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    Re: Loot of Lima and my Grandfathers Diary

    KS your grandfather must have binocular vision to spot an island from 50 miles away!

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    Jan 2012
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    Cocos Isle Information Loot of Lima

    Re: Loot of Lima and my Grandfathers Diary

    This is his compete journal transcribed:

    Sunday 16th March Ď47
    I left Burbank California on a very exclusive Treasure hunt to Cocos Isle, Costa Rica. In the party are James Forbes, Charles Forbes and John Forbes.
    Our C-54 took off at 8:00pm and the cities were really beautiful, with their millions of colored lights. We were airborne about one hour when the stewardess served us dinner. The dinner consisted of soup, salad, coffee, rolls, fried chicken and ice cream. Our flight was very calm and no one was sick. I slept all the way into Mexico City.
    We arrived in Mexico City at 6:30am and went through their migration and customs. We had to stay until 10:30am so we had breakfast in the airport and didnít go into the city. My breakfast consisted of chorassas and coffee and came to 4 pesos. What prices they have for the food.
    Monday 17th March Ď47
    At 10:30am we took off and flew to Guatemala. We made one stop at Acapulco, Mexico. Acapulco was very hot because the country is so dry. We again went through customs etc. Then we flew in to Guatemala and was grounded one night. The city was very pretty, and it too was hot but not as hot as Acapulco. Then we stayed overnight in Mansion San Francisco, a very exclusive hotel. It was here we really got a touch of poverty and customs. We took in the city and had a very delicious steak at Ciroís, their best night club.
    At 7:00am we left Guatemala and stopped in San Salvador, which was nice but it was getting hotter and hotter. After a 20 minute stop we proceeded to Tegucigalpa, Honduras where we landed in a field of straw or something. Another 20 minutes there and off to Managua, Nicaragua. It was very nice there (Managua), but we couldnít stay long enough to enjoy their hospitality. After 20 minutes we left for San Jose, Costa Rica. Here we flew into the mountains and on a plateau was San Jose, very green and cultivated. We arrived at 12:15.
    I met Mr. V.A. Keith at the airport and he brought us to his home and Jim (James Forbes) went to the Gran Hotel, where he could take care of business. I met Mrs. Keith and their cook and house boy, Louis. We cleaned up and Mr. Keith drove us around the city and we had dinner at Jestesoís, a very fine place. All of us went to bed early as the next day we were going to the coast to Puntarenas.
    Wednesday 18th March Ď47
    We left San Jose for Puntarenas at 7:00am by auto and the trip was very nice. Little Villages and people (were) very friendly, very clean, very white, and very beautiful. The road was good about half way and the rest (was) all full of rocks and chuck holes. After a very exciting and daring journey we arrived at Puntarenas and saw the boat which we are to go to Cocos in, and boy was it hot! We drove out to a hotel Mr. Keith has for lunch and (have) seen many wild lizards etc. We then came back the same day and what a job that was. We had 3 flats and it took us 4 Ĺ hours each way- some trip. We then cleaned up and had dinner at the Europa which by the way is the best food in town. We met so many people that knows Jim (James Forbes) and our best friend is Macho Garcia, a cab driver. He (Macho Garcia) tells us where to go so we wonít get rooked and things like that. He took John, Charles and I out to a night spot and watched the people dance etc. It was sure a lot of fun.
    So far I really like it here. The people are so polite, never in a hurry, and you never see the boys and girls together. On Sunday I hear they have the parade of the virgins and I certainly donít want to miss out.
    Yesterday I met Sr. Federico Jimenez , the architect of architects and have been invited to his home upon arrival from the Island for dinner. He is really super. Iíve also met the President of Costa Rica and the American Ambassador. I really get around here.
    Thursday 19th March Ď47
    Today I really took it easy. I had breakfast about 9:00am and then took in the stores for a new suit. The materials are really something and I found what I wanted so I purchased some. Iíll pick it up Saturday. Iíll get a coat and two pair of trousers for $62.50 in our money. I then met Jim, the boys and had lunch and took our siesta. Tonight we are going in town for some night life.
    Friday 20th March Ď47
    Not much to do until Sunday. John and I went to the Cathedral this morning at 11:00 and it was really nice. After which we met Charlie and had dinner. Then they decided to go to the ď Ojo De Agua,Ē and I came home for a siesta. No mas.
    Saturday 21st March Ď47
    Blank page.
    Monday 24th March Ď47
    Left for Puntarenas at 7:30am on the train with vital equipment. It took 4 hours to make the trip and was it hot when we got there. Being as I couldnít speak Spanish I had to sit in Cafť Eureka and drink lemonade while John, Charlie and Jim were getting things ready. I sat there from 12:30am til 2:00am Tuesday until he kicked us out. Then we went to the plaza and stayed awake all night, hoping to pull out for Cocos. We didnít leave until 4:00pm Tuesday.
    Tuesday 25th March Ď47
    Left at 4:00pm for Cocos and I was certainly disgusted. The other party thought they were on a picnic or something. They ate every kind of food we had and naturally seeing them eat like that, I figured we were going to run short of food. All went well because I fell asleep topside at 6:00pm and we were well out to sea when I woke up. The name of our boat is Culalia 1174.
    Wednesday 26th March Ď47
    A nice calm ocean and things were going smooth, we figured on arriving tomorrow noon if things keep running smoothly.
    Thursday 27th March Ď47
    Engine trouble at 0600 and result to a bearing. It took them 12 hours to repair the bearing and we drifted and drifted, they kept drinking all the water and eating like hogs. We were getting worried and figured if we didnít find Cocos tomorrow we wouldnít ever. We were 50 miles from Cocos when our engine quit.
    Friday 28th March Ď47
    I awoke at 0600 and spotted the Island about 50 miles off course, and convinced the captain to head for it. We were sure happy to see the island.
    We dropped anchor about 11:00am and headed for shore. The workers started their camp and kitchen and John, Charles and I went surveying- did it feel good.
    We had to pitch our own tent, but we did a darn good job. What an Island. Itís worse than Jim told us. Hot, rains like hell and the flies, centipedes, bugs etc. are terrific.
    Saturday 29th March Ď47
    This morning we got up, raining cats and dogs and had to sit it out for 3 hours before we could do anything. We took a quick survey of the place and when the tide goes down we will take a few shots. The tide went down a little and the approximation of bearings is really looking good.
    We caught a small yellow-tail and had some fish for dinner last night. Boy! It was delicious. I made a harpoon out of two fish hooks and like a fool I saw a 7 foot shark and dove in after it. When I realized what I was doing, I couldnít get to shore quick enough. (The water around Cocos Island is heavily shark infested) Boy! What excitement for a while.
    Sunday 30th March Ď47
    Today we decided on the spot to have the workers clean. Itís a heck of a distance from where they dug before. Itís just as Jim and I thought before we left home and both bearings crossed on the spot.
    We had a nice shark dinner tonight and the meat is really something. We certainly have plenty to eat. Beans, rice, spaghetti and potatoes. The sharks are terrific here in the bay (Chatham Bay) and we canít do much swimming.
    Monday 31st March Ď47
    This morning the workers continued to clear the area where the bearings crossed. We went up there and checked our bearings again, tomorrow it should be well cleared and start working with the machines.
    It rained very hard today, and I used the detectors on the side of a cliff with a rope around my waist.
    This is where the Journal ends.

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    Jan 2012
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    Cocos Isle Information Loot of Lima

    Re: Loot of Lima and my Grandfathers Diary

    @Salvor6 He probably had binoculars, it was 1947 after all.

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    Re: Loot of Lima and my Grandfathers Diary

    Quote Originally Posted by KSilvas82
    @Salvor6 He probably had binoculars, it was 1947 after all.
    It didn't say he saw the island from 50 miles - he saw the island which was 50 miles off course (and they were 60 miles off where they should have been).
    Big difference!

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    Jun 2007
    I have read this in one of my treasure book.Ok.Today is impossible to say wat is true or not.I believe Lima s treasure is not there on Cocos island.And up to me it is good for some reason.Bad message is:if is on other place is almost same wrong place as a Cocos island.Only one different:This island is owned by different goverment and this goverment dont know about fact that treasure is there.

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    Apr 2015
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Hi KSilva82,

    I was doing some research and found this site. I'm hoping you are still looking for information regarding James Forbes, Charles Forbes (my father) and John Forbes. My Father Charles Forbes is now 83 years old and is still alive. He was 14 when he went on this trip. If you need information, please feel free to contact me.

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    Jun 2015
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    My name is James Steven Forbes jr my great grandfather was James Alexander Forbes and he was part of that treasure hunt my father is James Steven Forbes sr. It is exciting to see my possible relatives still interested in this treasure as much as i am.

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    Jan 2012
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    Cocos Isle Information Loot of Lima
    Hello James and RoniB23, I would love to exchange information and details regarding this hunt. Feel free to contact me anytime. I look forwards to talking with you both.

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    Jan 2012
    2 times
    Cocos Isle Information Loot of Lima
    I found this article today regarding a treasure valued at $200,000,000 discovered there back in March. Think this is the the famed loot of lima? http://worldnewsdailyreport.com/fabu...-cocos-island/

    *Edit: disregard, I just realized it's a fake news website.



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