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    Jun 2010

    Large Bullett

    Hello, I found a large (approx. 1 1/2" long by 3/4" wide) lead object that appears to a bullett. It does not have any rifling. It was found at a 1800's homesite in Kentucky.
    I have seen three ringers and other smaller civil war bulletts but I can't find any this large.
    I will upload pictures tonight after work.
    Any ideas? I know it's difficult without pictures.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Jul 2012
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    A picture would help. There was a .78 cal Belgian musket issued to the western Union forces early in the civil war. Sure glad I never had to fire one. Of course that's pretty close to the measurments of a modern 20mm cannon round, but if fired would have rifling marks.

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    Jul 2012
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    A quick search shows up a number of large cal. muskets post revolutionary and until the war of 1812 used in calibers from .68 to the well known Brown Bess in a .75 caliber.

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    Jun 2010
    Capt-zero, thanks for the replies does the brown bess use ball type ammo or wouls be a bullett type of projectile? I got a few pictures uploaded and maybe some of the members can give me some input as to what I have found.


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    Apr 2011
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    A Brown Bess musket would have used a round ball or buckshot. Elongated projectiles were for firearms with rifling, not in general use when the Brown Bess's were in use.

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    Jul 2008
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    Is it flat on the base? If not kinda looks like a Confederate Enfield.

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    I'm thinking it's not a bullet - but I've been wrong before. Maybe some Kain-tuk had a 4-bore elephant gun for trips to Africa.
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    Jun 2010
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hello aquachigger, thanks for the reply. I will download a few more pictures. The base of the bullett is not flat but it's full of clay or mud.
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    Jun 2006
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    Thought it was a fired Enfield also....but no...a Enfield is only slightly over an inch in length.

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    Feb 2006
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    Please gently remove the dirt from the hole in the object's base, and post close-up photos of it. The shape and depth of the hole may help us identify the object.

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    Jan 2011
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    Exactly! do a little cleanup and show us more pictures, Might get a positive ID then......................HH

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    Jan 2005
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    I will say it once again. To get a good ID on a bullet you need give measurements with a caliper and weigt in grains. You can buy a set of calipers for about 7 bucks at just about any firearm/reloading store. The weight in grains can be converted by looking up one of many conversion charts on the net. If no rifling marks the bullet may have been fired in a sabot or in a smoothe bore musket. Monty
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