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    Mar 2008

    Re: Wisconsin DNR spring Meetings

    As I understand the laws, the DNR does have that ability. HOWEVER, I think an easy case can be made that they have overstepped their bounds a bit on this one. Thats for a judge and expensive lawyers to decide but for my money, I think denying a previously embraced activity on public grounds with no precedence nor with any reasonable reason is not within their right. Add to that they did so without public input and you have good grounds for a class action lawsuit.
    I believe that while others go around with the current negotiations, the only realistic end to this calamity, and in a timely manner, would be all of us in the state lobbying their representatives and the governor to review this law and all other arbitrary rules instituted by state agencies. This can be done with email, mailed letters, phone calls AND talking directly to the representatives in either their office or at a public forum. If a flurry is brought to the governor's attention from many different avenues and from different representatives- both Republican and Democrat, I have been assured that the folks in Madison will be compelled to bring it up for discussion. Remember, its not just us and this rule that are affected. Thousands of hunters, fishermen, outdoorsmen, ATVers, etc are affected by similar rules by various agencies. If voices are beginning to be heard, others will join in to the chorus. It starts with us. It starts with a simple letter.

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    Re: Wisconsin DNR spring Meetings

    That sounds like a winning strategy to me!

    The Governor's office is the place to go, cc to the DNR Secretary.

    Let's do it!
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    Mar 2008

    Re: Wisconsin DNR spring Meetings

    I've already done mine. Now its up to the rest of the folks here. One or two letters make no difference and, quite frankly, if others dont call, email and write then they cant complain!! Key is to engage your representative in a conversation. Understand that most do not know what we do. They just think they do, or know just a little. So you have to engage them in a conversation, invite questions, even ask them out on a hunt! Talking and showing are the best way to peak someone's interest. Be creative and inventive, but dont be ingenuine or deceiving. A seeded hunt would actually be harmful to our cause. A real hunt with potential shows just how much junk and clad we find for every good hit. It would all be exciting to a congressman but educational as well.
    Or, I could just be talking to the wind...


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