1800's coin

  1. ✅ SOLVED Mystery Coin

    Hello, I found this coin in Western Europe. It is around 32mm (1.26in) in diameter and is made of bronze or copper. I have looked through coins from all over the European continent and can't seem to find a match. It probably dates to the mid-late 1800s if I had to guess based on other finds in...
  2. Gold Spanish Coin from 1817

    Hi all, I just found a gold Spanish coin from 1817, the era of Ferdinand VII. The face value of the coin says 8 escudos. The mint place is abbreviated as F.M. Does anybody know how much it is worth? Furthermore, what is the best place to sell it? Online or to a store? I would appreciate if...
  3. Found sweet BIG silver and a bunch of small 1800's silvers! Check it out

  4. First Ever Seated Coin. 1854 Seated Liberty Quarter

    I was out detecting with a friend today and he had walked over to another section of the area we were in while I had started digging what I thought was a clad quarter. After fighting through some roots and rocks I was finally able to pull the target free. Used the pinpointer and found it...