1. 🥇 BANNER W.W. Wilbur Auctioneer Slave Token

    What an epic hunt Saturday. We spent a good six hours hunting and this was the most epic unsuspected find. I knew I had a token in the field, but had no idea how rare it would be until I got home and started doing some research. 99 or less known to exist!! Amazing!! This link provides a little...
  2. Old Wooden New Jersey Egg Crate With Labels

    I noticed this old egg crate while moving my car and decided it had to get into my trunk! Alas, it isn't from my state, but it was still pretty nifty. Thing is, I'd like it to go to a new home but have no experience with this type of advertising. Not sure how it would hold up in a large box...
  3. Old car photograph and trucks

    Who can tell me what make, model and approximate year these vehicles are. As always, thanks for your help!
  4. Old metal sign advertising

    Found today. Any thoughts are appreciated. Approx 56"×28".
  5. Old Advertising Sign Hand Painted

    Approx 56"x28". Thanks!
  6. Older sign Full Bore oil lubricant advertising sign 70's

    Found this sign recently. It came out of a Suzuki dealership that closed in the 70's. The front is plastic. The frame and back are metal. It has two fluorescent lights in it that are working. Approx. 30"×30". Any info is appreciated!
  7. Question... What did Jesus and a Gulf Service Station have in common -- in 1954?

    Advertising! I recently found this 1954 calendar on a camping trip. It's totally unique in that it combines Jesus, Gulf Service Station, and a Calendar in an advertising pitch. As far as I know, Gulf Service Stations don't promote religious advertising anymore. Jesus is knocking on my...
  8. Advertisement Poster from 1938 - But what city?!

    I acquired a mahogany ogee mirror ca 1870. I always like to remove the wood backs of these things because you never know what you might find. In this case, there were a couple of cool old cardboard advertising posters. I think they date to about 1938. Does anyone know where the address is...