1. Searching for Ancient Rivers in West Africa

    This is a great article about artisanal mining in Africa and the latest technology for mapping paleochannels. It's cool to see the contrast between old and new.
  2. You Said What(African Comedy)

  3. Rommel's Gold

    Hi all! I'm back again looking for treasure hunters or historians specializing in Rommel's Gold, especially in Northern Africa (Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria). I've heard hunting and researching in that part of the world can be tricky, so any insights are helpful. This is again, for a popular...
  4. Gold in Zimbabwe

    Hi I just started a blog about growing up in Africa. Detecting has been a big part of my life. I've written my first post about detecting in Zimbabwe. I think you may find it interesting. Could you please check it out and let me know what you think? The Adventure of Growing up in Africa.
  5. Mozambique!

    Looks like there's not too many of us from Southern Africa... But we are here! :happysmiley: