artifact indian id help

  1. Newbie here…is this a hand axe of some sort? Or scraper?

    I found this today have no idea what it is, but I think it’s definitely something? The edge is chipped btw. I’ve attached multiple photos taken at different angles. Expertise is greatly appreciated.
  2. just a couple of my favorite finds from last year

    just a couple of my favorite finds. found in northwest Arkansas area
  3. New on this site please help me identify the rocks and possible artifacts I found!

    Im new to this site and wanted to know if anyone could give me any feedback on the rocks I have found, anything is appreciated! Most are found in NJ. 1: Green and glassy, Maybe Obsidian? 2: Possibly an arrow sharpener? the other half is broken off i believe. 3: No idea what this is. Very...
  4. Clay artifact? Need your opinion.