artifact indian id help

  1. ✅ SOLVED American Indian Tool found in WI driftless area…

    Hi there! Today my guy and I were morel hunting on his property in SW Wisconsin, in the hills near Muscoda, when he stumbled upon an interesting rock that appears to be an artifact. When gripping this stone, right handed, it looks and feels like a man’s hand was imprinted into its grooves. We’re...
  2. Newbie here…is this a hand axe of some sort? Or scraper?

    I found this today have no idea what it is, but I think it’s definitely something? The edge is chipped btw. I’ve attached multiple photos taken at different angles. Expertise is greatly appreciated.
  3. just a couple of my favorite finds from last year

    just a couple of my favorite finds. found in northwest Arkansas area
  4. New on this site please help me identify the rocks and possible artifacts I found!

    Im new to this site and wanted to know if anyone could give me any feedback on the rocks I have found, anything is appreciated! Most are found in NJ. 1: Green and glassy, Maybe Obsidian? 2: Possibly an arrow sharpener? the other half is broken off i believe. 3: No idea what this is. Very...
  5. Clay artifact? Need your opinion.