artillery shell

  1. Rare WW2 Artillery Shell Casing

    This is a WW2 all brass, 3" Mark ii M2 artillery shell casing dated 1944. I can't find another anywhere on the web that matches. I paid $20 for it with intentions to sell but unless it is worth quit a bit i believe i'll hang on to it. Opinions on value?
  2. 1944 3” Mark ii M2 (army) artillery shell casing

    I bought this brass casing that had been sold at a scrap yard. Any help on the value would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Artillery Round from WWII?

    I found this on the beach (Emerald Isle, North Carolina) while walking during low tide earlier this week. It appears to be an artillery round from, well, I'm hoping it was from WWII! It appears to be brass, and on the bottom is written 40 mm MK2 Lot 0484 and some other markings I cannot read...
  4. Help ID'ing artillery projectile

    I bought this artillery ? at a yard sale. It weighs 15 pounds, it is 12 inches tall, 3 1/2" diameter at the bottom , threaded inside. It's made of solid cast iron, I think. I've attached pics. Questions: What is it? Is it safe and not live? Many thanks ***Used calliper for precise...
  5. Teen Metal Detectorist Finds Civil War 20 LB Artillery Shell! From Dirt To Defusion!

    All I can say is WOW!!!! At 12:15 pm got a signal. Dug down 11 inches and found a fired minie ball. Still had a signal in the hole. Faint but worth digging. The Minelab GPX is a great machine and gets good depth. Little did I know I would spend 4 hrs digging a 3 ft hole for this beauty. A 20...